POV DISCUSSION: Give Love Away (2nd Review)


Okay, this is the second review for weekend drama, Will You Love & Give it Away. I wrote the first review sometime back after watching 5 episodes, and now I’m back after 17 episodes just to give an update on what I think of the drama so far.

Personally, I find the drama watchable. It’s not boring, but it’s not very engaging either. However, there is a certain warmness when I watch the drama, so I kind of like it. At first I wanted Jae Min to be with Mi Joo, but right now I want Jae Min to be with Ha Kyung instead.

The drama doesn’t have the over-the-top drama (thank God!), and instead touches on topics like affairs, remarriage, relationships, and moving on. It might not be very interesting, but it’s nice to watch. It’s entertaining. While Mi Joo & Ha Rim look good together, my favourite couple is actually Jae Min and Ha Kyung. They are just too cute 🙂 I can’t wait till Jae Min falls for Ha Kyung!

Jae Min’s dad and Mi Joo’s mom is already having an interest in each other, and it’s really nice to see. However, the opposition from Jae Min’s dad side will be quite large since he had an affair previously.

In short, the drama is still doing well for now and my interest for it keeps growing which is a good thing 🙂


POV DISCUSSION: Will You Love & Give It Away


Alright, it’s about time to write up about weekend drama, Will You Love & Give It Away (also known as Give Love Away or A Little Love Never Hurts).

I was looking forward to this drama, firstly because it pairs up Lee Sang Yeob and Hong Soo Hyun. They were together in Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love, but wasn’t the OTP there. Secondly, Lee Sang Yeob is the male lead 🙂 I find Lee Sang Yeob really cute, like most other cute actors. Hahaha. It was also a chance to see him in a leading role.

I’ve watched up till episode 5 of the drama, and even though I’m not head over heels for this drama, it’s bearable. Weekend drama tends to be a little slow in picking up the pace, and they can either be good or downright boring. I’m not sure which side this drama will belong to, but it does look interesting enough for now.

One thing though….I’m just not happy that there is a 50% chance that the OTP will change as the main plot is both of their parents will decide to get married, making them step-siblings.

Now, let’s discuss the show…

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