Glass Mask


Glass Mask has been airing for quite sometime now, and it’s almost half it’s run, which is estimated to be around 100+ episodes.

I wanted to watch it for a while but didn’t have time until recently. I’m a fan of Seo Woo, because I think this girl can do wonders with her acting. Her only problem is picking the right projects. I’m not saying the dramas she chooses are bad, but she should start picking out dramas which will make her shine.

I thought Cinderella Sister did her acting no justice at all. Her role in that is ridiculous and so was the story. She was amazing in Tarma, The Island – which I loved to bits. I thought she did well in Flames of Desire as well, despite not finishing up the show because it was too dramatic for me to continue.

I’m not sure about Glass Mask – but I’m trying it out for the sake of seeing her shine in another revengeful role. Since it’s a long drama, I probably have to wait a long while before I get there.

I’ve watched the first 5 episodes and it was not as draggy as I thought it would be – probably because each episode is less than an hour. However, with these 5 episodes, I found three people I already hate. HAHAHA. I hope this hatred doesn’t stay very long because it gets tiring hating so much, and I may just give up on the show halfway. Give us some love along the way, will you drama?