The Ups & Down of Golden Cross

Okay, I’ve calmed down regarding Golden Cross ending, so I decide to write up one more post about what I liked about the drama, and what I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad drama, overall, a few misses with me, but it wasn’t bad. The ending kind of flipped me, but….that’s subjective, and quite a number of people liked it though.

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like first.

At first, I didn’t like the fact that the leads started off as friends, or rather senior-hoobae relationship. It was kind of disappointing, because I wanted to actually see them actually meeting and falling in love. I didn’t like the first episode, because it had too many things going on and found it boring and messy. I didn’t like Seo Dong Ha initially because his character seemed so whiny and childish at times.

I didn’t like the last few episodes, because it stopped making sense with me. The reporter turned his back on them, and turned into an ass, Do Yoon suddenly becomes rich after being shot and going overseas, and he got shot again, but didn’t die – Sa Ra died. Michael Jang was knocked out quite easily.

And of course, how Seo Dong Ha eventually walked away a free man.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Last Review

I’ve finished watching Golden Cross, and everybody put your hands together for the drama which has a crappier ending compared to God’s Gift 14 Days.

What is happening to the dramas, seriously?! I can’t even describe the amount of disappointment from all these ridiculous and stupid endings. I’m so pissed, I hate this drama for messing it up for me. If you guys are not watching this, DON’T WATCH IT. It might be good along the way, but I swear the ending is crap. Okay, maybe to me, at least.

I don’t know what happened to the story halfway. He was shot and buried alive, came back with a new identity to get revenge, got shot again – but somehow managed to put everyone behind bars. But after the credits, we see Dong Ha being released from prison and making a phone call. YEAH. THE END. WOW DRAMA, WOW.


I don’t know. The drama just stopped making sense for the last 4 episodes, and URGH I’M SO IRRITATED.

SUCH A TOTAL WASTE. It was pretty alright, but I don’t know what happen, seriously.

If the writer is trying to prove a point that it’s not easy to put the powerful behind bars, then I don’t even know why I stayed 20 episodes for a murderer to walk away free, when the male lead ‘died’ so many times over. It’s practically saying, the powerful can get away with anything, even murder. Thanks drama, for sending a strong message.


POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Ep 14


Contray to my first impression of Golden Cross, I actually like the drama. There’s certainly a few things which I find bothering, but despite those, I would say I’m currently enjoying it.

In Episode 14, we see that the press conference didn’t go on as planned and that Congressman died. Can we just talk about how gross it is to die in an elevator? But that just shows Michael’s bad-ass level. Hah. It’s a totally different level from amateur Seo Dong Ha. We also get to see that Seo Yi Re is being watched, and the reporter goes missing.

If you’re asking me, rationally, this dramas has plenty of flaws. However, I find it watchable, and I like it enough to look past the flaws. We have roughly about 6 more episodes to go, and then I can welcome Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi for The Joseon Shooter. YESH!

No recaps for this – but I’m just going to do sort of a discussion, or you can call it my review.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Ep 3 – 6 (Review)


Okay people, I’m fully on board Golden Cross 🙂

I found the first two episodes a little too messy and boring, but from episode 3 onwards, everything has been nothing but awesome 🙂 I love how the plot is quickly moving and every character finds their own way to deal with different situations.

It helps a lot that the characters are interesting enough, and I’m technically glued to my screen while watching the drama. I’m not such a big fan of the character of Seo Dong Ha, not because he killed Ha Yoon – but because he seem like such a … emm… whiny dude?

I mean – he always looks for Park Hee Soo and seems so insecure and whines a lot. I mean – I prefer my evil characters to be downright evil, or at least as interesting and complicating as Michael Jang. He’s evil, we all know it – but damn his character is so mysterious and fun to watch.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Episode 1 & 2


Alright~ a new revenge melodrama, Golden Cross has aired the first two episodes – and I’m solely watching it for Kim Kang Woo, Lee Si Young & Uhm Ki Joon 🙂 I’m not really in a mood for yet another revenge melo, but since I like the all of those 3 lead actors, I shall just check it out~

The first two episodes explained what the story is going to be about, so we all know what’s coming, and what happened, who the evil people are, and who’s the good one around. There might be twists in later episodes, but that’s for later, and I don’t know either.

Personally, I didn’t like the first two episode. It was too messy, and it felt like the drama is trying too hard to capture viewer’s attention.

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