POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 11 & 12


It’s time to bid the kids goodbye and welcome the adult casts. Yay! *throws confetti* Episode 11 was a smooth episode, and it basically wrap things up and concludes the kids portion. When I say smooth, I don’t mean good things happen to the characters, but rather the episode was like sort of a closure for the kids role.

So the kids ran away, and unfortunately Young Won was left behind at the train station and that was heart-breaking. Episode 12 introduced to us the adult characters, and unlike when they were kids, things are no longer that simple within the family. Baek Won is not on good terms with Man Won and blames him for abandoning Young Won. Man Won and Baek Won works hard to support the family.

Seo Do Young is a prosecutor, but for some reason, he does not take his job seriously. I thought he would be pro-active and going against his father, but I guess not yet. Anyway, it’s nice to see the adult casts and let’s welcome Jung Il Woo & UEE πŸ™‚ Now that the kids are adults, we can sit back and wait for the romance to bloom, because when you’re a kid, there’s plenty of things you can’t do πŸ˜›

POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 9 & 10


Since we had all the cute in the earlier episodes, its time for the heartbreaks 😦 and there’s many more coming our way 😦 Dad gets all the blame, and even though Baek Won tries her best to prove that Dad didn’t do it on his own, the truth backfires after both Young Hye and Chun Won lies in court.

Il Won dies from lung failure, and Dad is sentenced to 15 years in Jail. Baek Won is facing too many things at one go, and like that’s not enough, she finally finds out that she and Man Won are not blood-related.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 1-8 (Summary w/pics)


Golden Rainbow is MBC weekend drama which has aired about 10 episodes. I was excited for this because the main leads is UEE & Jung Il Woo πŸ™‚

I thought of doing a First Impression post after watching the first two episodes, but decided to do a review only after I watch more episodes because Golden Rainbow has a long childhood portion. I tend to dislike dramas with Childhood portions because 99% of the time it involves a super dramatic makjang storyline like birth secrets or hidden murders or whatever else which is dramatic.

Of course, GR is no exception. Episode 1 of GR involves kidnapping and a dramatic feud between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, and it’s also the start of a very messy conflict. I’m not a huge fan of dramatic storylines, but GR won me over because of the adorable kids. The kids are the heart of the drama, and it’s what makes the drama heart-warming and worth watching.

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