POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor Ep 9 & 10

Awwwww, Good Doctor is becoming sweeter by the day as Kim Do Han slowly warms up to Park Shi On, and so does everyone else. Park Shi On finally starts living like a normal 1st year resident, and continues to learn new things everyday.

Some hilarious parts I really appreciate was when Cha Yoon Seo asked Shi On whether he had x-ray eyes and he scanned her body and laughed, which made me burst into laughter. And of course when he played basketball with Kim Do Han. EPIC.

I also loved that Kim Do Han is no longer screaming his hearts out every now and then. Not much to comment on, and I don’t want to comment on the politics side because that is boring stuff.

Oh, just a hunch. Could Park Shi On be the Director and his mother child?! Just wondering……..

POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor Ep 7 & 8

Park Si On goes and return 🙂

Things take a turn as Si On comes back to the hospital, with the help of the vice president who is planning something. I don’t know what he is planning which he is making both the director and Kim Do Han hesitate so much. Kim Do Han clearly knows that whatever he does is going to affect Cha’s opinion of him, but he is doing it for another reason.

It is evident that Cha means a lot to Kim Do Han, but I’m not sure why he is holding back his feelings for her, or if he doesn’t realize it himself?

I like the teenage girl – who clearly has a crush on Si On. HAHA. And I wonder what job her sister is holding because you never know with kdramas. Maybe she has a tough job and Doctor Han will save her one day. Okay- too much imagination.

Park Si On is slowly learning how to adapt at the hospital. Unlike the first time, where he forcibly took a patient to the operating room, this time, he hold on despite feeling the same anxiousness.

Did I mention how cute every time Si On hiccups around Cha? Hahaha. It seems that Cha has totally forgotten the fact that Park Si On is a guy. She’s treating him like a small kid, and hasn’t realize yet that he’s a fully grown man.

I’m fine with this drama, except the fact that I don’t really like the politics. Can’t a medical drama be without politics?


Boo. The girl died at the operating table, and that is a huge blow to Cha Yoon Seo, even though she acts like it doesn’t affect her. Kim Do Han clearly is worried about her, but he shows his concern in a rough manner. Actually, for once I hope he doesn’t scream or shout around. Okay, he doesn’t really do that, but he sure bosses around a lot. Perhaps show more of a gentle side to him, like when he gave a perfume to Yoon Seo.

Park Si On is slowly learning to understand others, and we also get to see that his mother is still alive and working at their cafeteria. What? So the mother abandoned him? Alright, it’s mostly likely due to an abusive husband, death of her older son and because of Si On’s autism.

I think Joo Won is doing a great job at portraying Park Si On. He is aware of what others feel towards him, but he acts like he doesn’t care. However, we all know that it hurts. He doesn’t hesitate to call himself stupid and he blames himself rather than others, when people dislike him.

Looks like in the upcoming episode, Park Si On is sort of “thrown out”, but we all know he’ll return. Hahaha.

As for the other parts of the drama, like the politics or the step-mother and daughter pair, I don’t really care so much. All I know is that this drama will probably end sweetly. Come on….I’m right, right?

POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor Ep 3 & 4

Good Doctor continues being so awesome and let’s put the politics aside, I really like how Park Si On reacts when a person gives him advice or tease him.

He’s not dumb, and he feels whatever anyone would feel. However, he is unable to express that emotion like normal people would. It’s sad to see him treated as such 😦 Also we know a little bit more about Cha Yeon Soo and Kim Do Han. Cha Yeon Soo had a crush on Kim Do Han a long time back, but I’m pretty sure she’s not into him that much anymore since he has a girlfriend. I’m not sure whether Kim Do Han is aware of her feelings, but I feel like he knew all along that she liked him.

At first I thought he stayed in that department to stay close to her, but I think he stayed there because of his brother. I don’t know if it’s his real brother or not, but it looks like he had someone close to him who died, and it looks like he was sick. Maybe he was autistic too? That’s why he has a hate-love relationship with Si On.

I don’t think Kim Do Han loves Yoo Chae Kyung, because he seems so distant with her. I have a gut feeling that he liked Cha Yeon Soo all along. Oh well, but we never know. I just have to wait and see.

Oh…and I hope that girl didn’t die in Cha Yeon Soo’s hands. Maybe someone will save that kid from death. Besides all of that, it feels like Park Si On is finally starting to understand that being a doctor is not all about saving, there are much more variables involved.

Lastly, Joo Won is awesome 🙂

POV DISCUSSION: Good Doctor First Impressions

I’m pleased to say that hello Medical Drama 🙂

I’m a big fan of Medical dramas, even though most of them focuses way too much on power play. This is probably no different, but what makes a difference with all these medical dramas is the loveline, the characters and of course the medical cases.

First of all, bravo to Joowon for portraying an autistic doctor, Park Si On. If the drama is awesome, and his character is strong enough, he might get an award 🙂 Hahaha. I know it’s too early to say, but nothing is impossible if the story is good.

I loved the first two episodes and I could sense a whole lot of drama and power play in the coming episodes, but let’s hope drama focuses more on the story line of Joowon, Moon Chae Won and Joo Sang Wook. Joo Sang Wook sure hates Park Si On, like most of the other people who find him unsuitable for the job, but awwww, Chae Won already has a soft spot for him.

Joo Sang Wook’s character Kim Do Han has a girlfriend, Yoo Chae Kyung, but I think he likes Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won). He calls her up and looked pissed when Si On answered the phone.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to more moments with Si On because his character itself is interesting. It gives drama every reason to make him have a tantrum. HAHAHA. That would be so fun to see. I mean, how often do you get to see a male lead giving kid’s tantrum?