Haeundae Lovers: Thoughts & Impression

Haeundae Lovers. Yummy.

A prosecutor who doesn’t know his parentage, gets married and leaves his wife in the hospital to catch a long-time criminal. Tailing the wrong person, he gets to know some ex-gangsters, who in turned saved his life when he was found at sea.

The storyline may sound dramatic, it is actually, but the story flow is not as dramatic as it sounds – which is a good thing.

The story is light-hearted and it’s full of cute, if you look beyond the storyline. I like how the main leads slowly get around each other and start to fall for each other, both unaware about the fact that he is actually married and a prosecutor at that. I think all hell will break loose once all the truths start to be revealed, but it will be interesting to watch seeing how lovely the two leads are.

Hey, we even have a half-brother (non-blood related) chasing after So Ra, and the hotel, so I guess things are going to get messy. Let’s hope it will live up to our expectations 🙂