I finally finished watching Healer and I’m sad that it’s over. Healer was such an awesome drama 🙂 It’s not the kind which sweep you off your feet – but it was very nice in a subtle way. The characters were well written, there was a good story, and of course good acting!

No – it’s nothing like City Hunter. I don’t know why people assume it’s the same???

The best thing about this drama was that it was very consistent – it was great from episode one all the way to the last episode and it’s so hard to find a k-drama like this! Not once while watching did I felt that there was a sudden shift of focus – or unneeded scene. It was just pure enjoyable.

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POV DISCUSSION: Healer Episode 1 – 6


My King is back!!!!! Okay – I really love this. It’s not exactly what I expected, but I love this. Honestly, I wasn’t even excited about Healer premiering and was just watching it to see what it’s really about, but the episodes flew by and I’m just hooked.

It’s not exactly a  mind-blowing solid awesome drama, but there is really something special about it. It makes me feel all jelly, fuzzy and warm inside.

I think the casts were well chosen, and the story is pretty interesting itself – but for me, the main draw is actually the characters and the casts.

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