POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Finale

I’ve finished up Heartless City and let’s share our thoughts on the ending.

Overall, I really liked Heartless City for it’s dark theme. It created a whole new benchmark for bad-ass dramas and I’m never looking at a crime drama the same again until they reach the same standard.

Honestly, I preferred the first half of the drama where there was a lot of surprises and twists & turns. The later episodes felt like they were trying to squeeze Soo Min into the storyline.

The only problem I had with Heartless City was that I wished they had marketed the drama differently. Instead of saying it is a drama about a girl who becomes undercover to kill the man that killed her sister and fell in love with him, they should have made Doctor’s Son the main plot. Honestly, the star and main of the drama is Shi Hyun himself, and I actually like that fact.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Ep 15 & 16

Another two awesome episodes 🙂

I like the fact that Shi Hyun & Ji Hyun Min has finally crossed path – and we finally got a rough picture on who is the big baddie. Soo Min is also almost there in finding out who is Doctor Son. I love everything about this show – just that one part about Soo Min-Shi Hyun loveline. However, I’ve come to terms with it and so far the episodes have been okay.

16 episodes have already passed, and I’m not sure how many episodes the show is slated for – but I don’t think it is even 30 episodes. A rough guess is 20-24 episodes. Dramawiki says 20 episodes. Anyway, there’s roughly about ~4 episodes left and if they were to solve everything, it would means a huge rush.

There’s quite a lot of things left isn’t there? However, I have faith – since the episodes have always been quite quick paced. I just hope the story remains as awesome in the last few episodes left.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Ep 13-14

This week’s episodes of Heartless City continues being as awesome as it’s previous episodes and it’s probably bringing us to better places, with better tension each time.

It irritates me that Pusan is so difficult to catch – but that is what makes it fun as well. For all we know, there might be another bigger baddie.

I loved these two episodes, because it shows us a lot of growth of the characters Shi Hyun & Ji Hyung Min. It was so cool when Shi Hyun actually called Ji Hyung Min. Hahaha. Shi Hyun is probably aware that Soo Min is an undercover cop – or at least he knows that she has some connection with Ji Hyung Min.

However, the highlight of these two episodes is actually when Shi Hyun finds out that her mother was also part of a drug organisation and that he was the one who ‘delivered’ the drugs to her. He also finds out that the police who sent him as an undercover had been lying or at least hiding stuff from him.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Ep 11-12

And Heartless City is back as the No.1 spot in my heart right now. I love how this drama makes everything so interesting and you never know who’s good and who’s bad.

Okay, I’ve given up on the loveline between Shi Hyun and Soo Min because all I want to see from this drama is that Shi Hyun meets a happy ending. HAHAHA. I really hated how Shi Hyun and Soo Min “fall in love” with each other, but I’ll just let that go, because the drama is awesome on its own even without loveline.

As the episode progresses, Hyeong Min is becoming more like a human. He’s starting to care for others. And as of now, I think Shi Hyun’s enemy might just be someone on his side, which is the police guy who sent him on an undercover mission. He’s fishy.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Ep 9-10

This week of episodes, bring us yet another surprise and I don’t know if I should jump for joy or scratch my head.


However, I confess that I’m bought over by Dating Agency Cyrano and that drama takes over the No.1 spot in my heart right now. Hahaha. Of course, I still love this drama.

First of all, I’m confused by SooMin. Just like I suspected, she did have a crush on Hyeong Min. However, what was that one night stand for?

She barely knows the guy and just because he kissed her, she sleeps with him?! It’s just ridiculous. And Shi Hyun even show so much concern for her. It just doesn’t match with their characters.

I’ll understand if SooMin chooses to sleep with him because she doesn’t want her first night to be with some other random guy, but I don’t think that was what the writer was aiming for.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 8

If Episode 7 was one step backwards, this episode takes 2 steps forward. I’m so pleased with this drama and I pray everyday it will be awesome till the very last episode.

The pace picks up again in this episode and there were quite a few things going on, which made me happy. This episode was so satisfying.  Now lets talk about it.

We have Soo and Jin Sook finally facing off and Shi Hyun is being caught in the middle. We can’t really pinpoint who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong – because Soo just wants revenge as Jin Sook ‘betrayed’ them first, and Jin Sook wants Shi Hyun to be safe. I really feel bad for Shi Hyun because the boy’s got too many things to think about.

He’s got to think about how to overcome his current crisis, as well as think about how to keep Jin Sook and Soo safe as these two people are very dear to him. Not to mention the fact that his real identity clashes with all of those. He’s tired and worn out and all he wants is all of these to stop – so in this Episode he goes down and tells Safari to end everything.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 7

This episode’s pace felt a little slower than the earlier episodes. It’s not a bad thing to slow down once in a while, but I just need a bit of time to adjust myself. This episode focused more on SooMin’s development.

Firstly, this episode was my least favourite episode. I’ve loved each and every episode, but this episode was short on something – but don’t get me wrong. I still love the show.

It’s weird how the story tries to bring SooMin and Shi Hyun together. The first few episodes was fine – but in this episode SooMin acts all friendly with Shi Hyun and Shi Hyun doesn’t push her away which was weird for their characters. As far as the characters are concerned, Shi Hyun shouldn’t be treating her all nice (okay, maybe he’s not nice, but he let’s her do what she wants.) As for SooMin’s side…hmmmm. It’s hard to describe her character (or personality) in the story – she has not yet have a firm foothold in the drama as of now.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 5 & 6


Heartless City continues to be my favourite drama airing right now, followed by the others. The thing which makes Heartless City so special is because it’s different. It’s a great drama and it took so long to appear in the k-drama scene. You know sometimes there are a bunch of dramas where you would think it’s dark and full of brooding, but it never really made the mark? It’s just borderline dark.

This is what you call a “dark” drama.

Heartless City continues to give us the twist and turns at every episode, which is such a delight. For one moment, you think that’s the spy and bad guy. The very next moment, he’s dead. The bad guys continue to fight amongst themselves and the only one who survives the mess are the people at the top of the chain. Those people at the bottom will find themselves dead at any unfavourable situation.

However, with this two episodes, the drama crushed my hopes of an undying love of bromance and maybe it’s a good thing after all – because now we can focus on Shi Hyun alone and not cry over some bromance which went wrong in the drama.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 4


Episode 4 of Heartless City is all about the emotions and revelations. There was such a HUGE SURPRISE in this episode and it gives me both the trills and maybe left me a little tiny bit upset. I’m explain more later.

Anyway, this drama is still my favourite currently airing drama right now.

So, just like what I thought, Shi Hyun and Gyung Mi (HyungMin’s Gf) were indeed close when they were younger. It looks like what-could-have-been-but-never-did. They weren’t really in love – but they wasn’t completely without feelings for each other. There was an interest – but it stopped when Shi Hyun disappeared from Gyung Mi’s life.

And the scene above made me so satisfied. Lol. It just feels amazing how your enemy is just beside you, but you have no idea.

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POV DISCUSSION: Heartless City Episode 3


I’ve decided that I will not be doing a recap for Heartless City. There is another blog which is already doing a recap. I’ll just continue with my own POV Discussions regarding the show.

First of all – POV stands for Point-Of-View, just in case you are unaware. It’s totally personal – and all which are said, are all my personal opinion. It may or may not be a fact of the drama.

Episode 3 is less “darker” compared to the first two episodes, but it’s just as good. We finally see a bit more of Shi Hyun & Soomin. Soo has more or less recovered. In this episode, there is a lot of chasing around. The bad guys trying to catch Shi Hyun, Police trying to catch Shi Hyun & the rest of the baddies, Hyung Min finding gf…etc.

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