POV DISCUSSION: High School Love On Episode 4


Episode 4 was better than Episode 3, but still not as good as the first two episodes. I don’t really know how to explain it in words. When Seul Bi played in the rain, when she goes inside the washroom to hand Woo Hyun his phone – it’s pretty and funny.

Episode 3 & 4 focuses too much on school life now, and it’s not as interesting as the first two episodes. It’s still nice to watch, but not as interesting and I keep wanting the same excitement I had watching the first two episodes. I wished this episode didn’t ended the way it did – where Woo Hyun was held by the bullies, and Seul Bi and Sung Yeol are running towards where he is.

It would have been much more interesting if Seul Bi had arrived and maybe used her power to stop the bullies – and the episode could have ended there. It would have been much more interesting.

No recaps – only discussion.

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POV DISCUSSION: High School Love On Episode 3 (Part One)


After two weeks, finally we get to see Episode 3!!!! It’s really sad that they’re only airing one episode per week 😦

Seul Bi is now studying in the same class, and more characters are slowly being introduced, while we get to see the other characters being fleshed out a little bit more. I love everything so far, but there’s just one thing bugging me. I hope that the drama doesn’t go in a direction where we get introduced to a random, or minor character in each episode who runs into a problem, and Seul Bi/ Woo Hyun ends up helping that person.

I mean – it’s totally fine to have those scenes – but please drama, not every episode, okay? The memories of Nail Shop Paris is still so fresh in my head – and I don’t want another potential drama being ruined by sub-plots which doesn’t help the main story or the characters development at all.

This drama, as of now, is very fun and engaging – but I hope it doesn’t loses itself while showing scenes of school life, and kids in the school. I mean – I’m not exactly in this drama to watch a high school drama, but rather to watch an angel who is adapting to become human. So I’m hoping for more reveals or mysteries on why she became a human 🙂

Oh, and I can no longer promise recaps for future episodes – it takes too much of my time 😦 I would most probably just stick to doing discussions instead. Sorry.


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POV DISCUSSION: High School Love On Episode 2


Okay, clearly one episode per week is not enough for me! This episode was much better, because the episode was not as choppy as the previous one. We also no longer have super awkward acting with the supporting casts, and we have Woo Hyun in a new school, with new kids!

There was also an unexpected bromance between Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol. Alright, maybe not that level yet, but it seems promising. I never thought they would have a possible bromance, because I thought Sung Yeol was pretty much cold to everyone, but it’s nice to know there might be one. Though it probably might be jeopardize in future because they’ll both fall in love with Seul Bi.

So we have new school, new kids  – and once Seul Bi joins the school, we’ll have those high school scenes, which will be lots of fun 🙂

I’m not going to do a recap for this, but I will just post some screencaps along with a description. I wanted to do a recap, but I sprained my neck and it’s difficult to actually sit for long. I’ll probably do recaps from episode 3 onwards 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: High School Love On Episode 1


A new Friday drama aired yesterday, and it’s High School Love On – starring Kim Sae Ron and boy band Infinite members Woo Hyun & Sung Yeol. It’s about an angel who became human, after saving a male student.

The story sounds interesting enough for me to actually try it out, and of course the main factor is that it’s Kim Sae Ron! The first episode wasn’t excellent, but I would say it’s good enough – if you look pass the acting.

Personally, I felt that it would have been much more enjoyable if the casts (excluding Kim Sae Ron) were more experienced in acting, and that the episode wasn’t so choppy.

I’m just going to do a brief scene summary – not exactly a recap, followed by a discussion.

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