Hope For Dating is a two-episode drama which revolves around 2 couples who have different views on dating, love and marriage. It stars BoA, Daniel Choi, ZE:A’s Siwan and Kim Ji Won.

It’s the first time I’m seeing BoA in a drama, and I thought her acting was pretty okay. Kim Ji Won is gorgeous (well, to me she is), and it kind of puts me off a little, that she is paired with Daniel Choi. Hahaha. I like the guy, but their age difference is there, isn’t it? She’s way too young! Oh well, but she pulled it off.

I loved the drama. It’s short and sweet, and delivers a good message across which we all could relate to. In a relationship, there’s no right or wrong. That everyone has their own views and take, and that those differences are what put all of us apart. That sometimes, feelings can change, and that sometimes, we can’t help it.

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