I’ve been watching Horse Doctor for quite a while now. I’m not sure how to describe my feelings though. It’s like you have to finish a drama series before you can entirely say how you feel about it overall. Sometimes, we are mislead by how a drama is doing. At first it might be going uphill, but before you know it, it goes down.

So far, I find Horse Doctor quite acceptable. It’s not a marvelous kind of saguek, but it’s an average one, which is not that good, but not bad either. There are some points of the show which I do enjoy, but some parts of the show left me bored. For example, the male lead is constantly facing problems. One by one. It’s like his problems never end. I wish we could quickly get to the main conflict.

There more episodes coming, so I’ll just hope it will get better or at least the pace picks up a little.