The Final Stretch: I Hear Your Voice Ep 18


We have come to the end of I Hear Your Voice, and I felt so satisfied. This drama was really so much fun and I loved it to bits. I loved the ending, and how the drama tied up all loose ends.

Overall, I Hear Your Voice had really good characters, and their characters grow as the episodes run. It’s great to see characters with different sides to them, and not just 2-dimensional. The characters felt real and was easy to relate to.

The best thing about this drama is that they gave us plenty of kiss scenes. LOL. It’s not that I’m perverted or something – but because I thought the drama would be more reserved with scenes like this because of the age-gap. However, they gave us a lot of flirting and cute exchanges, which was much to my delight. Haha.

Anyway, I don’t have much to comment on – I simply loved the drama. Of course, there are a few minor things which bothered me, but it’s nothing which will make my love for the drama any lesser.


And what more great news after such a nice show wraps up – Lee Bo Young is finally getting married to Ji Sung. I’m a fangirl of Ji Sung and I’m so happy to see this pretty couple get married. They’ll make such pretty babies! 🙂

POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 17

This is the second last episode, and I thought of making a separate post all together for this episode and the finale. This episode was rather slow and the first 30 mins was divided into two portions  – one of which, how Hye Sung got kidnapped, and the other portion they repeated scenes in Ep 16, plenty of them.

Honestly I was irritated at the excessive repeated scenes, but I do understand the drama had a two-episode extension, so I guess they needed to fill in some slots. The whole episode itself was about the kidnapping and nothing much else happened, until the last minute. It was probably the ‘slowest’ episode in all of it’s run, but I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s okay with me actually because they tied up the Min Jong Gook issue pretty nicely.

I’m glad that Min Jong Gook didn’t kill Hye Sung or Soo Ha, and it proves that he’s not just a madman on a killing spree. He made a bad decision 11 years ago, and honestly speaking, anyone could have done the same thing he did. Park Soo Ha was lucky, because Hye Sung was always there for him.

The last minute of the episode makes me wonder..uh oh…looks like another storm will hit our couple.

Now, what awaits us in the grand finale?

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 15 & 16


This week’s two episodes focuses the limelight on Do Yeon, and I gladly appreciate it. The best thing about this drama is that every character is written with depth and we can relate to each and every character. It’s not an easy feat and I give thumbs up to the writer (Park Hye Ryun) behind this awesome drama. I swear it’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in k-drama history, and will remain as one of the best.

It kind of surprises me that the writer behind this drama is Park Hye Ryun who has written other works such as Dream High, Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung, etc. Those dramas are good – but there were still some issues I had with it, but this drama, this drama is freaking awesome I feel like hugging everyone in the production team. There’s nothing to hate at all – of course we still have the ending which could still turn 360 degrees my opinion – but I have faith that they won’t churn out a stupid ending.

Now that we’re finally reaching the end of this breathtaking awesome drama, I wonder what kind of ending will the writer give us? I’ve always thought that Lawyer Jang will end up with Lawyer Cha because that was how the show was being promoted at first. They were meant to be lovers and Park Soo Ha was someone who could hear the thoughts of others.

At that point of time, I knew that the main character of the drama itself was Park Soo Ha, but I had no idea they’ll pair up Park Soo Ha with Lawyer Jang. That was why, every time they brought these two together, I felt butterflies in my stomach and got so excited. It was so satisfying. However, realistically, I thought they wouldn’t end up together and that Lawyer Jang will eventually be with Lawyer Cha. However, now I’m not so sure any more. There is a lot of possibilities lying around and it leaves me so anxious.

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 13 & 14

This drama continues to make me feel all giddy and excited. I really want to hug and give kisses to the people behind this drama. This drama is so awesome I want to cry tears of joy.

Ep 13 & 14 continues to develop the relationships between the main characters, and I’m so amazed at how wonderful this drama does everything. When I started this drama, I had secretly hoped that Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young would fall in love, but I never had thought that the drama would make that come through. I was so confident that they’ll just make it a one-sided love. However, the drama throw in surprises, when I didn’t ask for them and it makes me giddy and excited. Lol.

Lawyer Jang confesses her feelings to Park Soo Ha, in the most casual way ever and Park Soo Ha’s reaction was so adorable. I feel bad for Lawyer Cha, but I still think that he and Lawyer Jang will end up together. I’m not sure how to put this across, but it feels as though Lawyer Jang & Lawyer Cha will still end up together. This precious moment of Lawyer Jang & Park Soo Ha seems like too sweet of a dream. However, I’m so thankful they made this dream come true. Now, no matter who gets the girl, I’m just happy because both guys are awesome.

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 12


This episode was AWESOME!!! *screams and rolls on the floor*

Park Soo Ha finally recovers his memory, and things are put back in the original position where we left off. Min Jong Gook is now a wanted person and Park Soo Ha clears his name. However, of course things are not so simple as before.

Park Soo Ha gains back his ability to read others’ thoughts and he probably knows that Lawyer Jang cares for him deeply. However, he’s probably going to feel bad towards both her and Min Jong Gook.

This episode took a really huge step forward because there were a lot of characters’ development. We got to see Do Hyun’s sincerity in being a prosecutor and that she’s really not an evil wretch. Now, it’s starting to be cute when I see these two ladies together.

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 11


This drama continues to tug at my heartstrings and we all know that Lee Jong Suk’s popularity will continue to reach a new height. He’s being so awesome in this drama as Park Soo Ha and I can only say this guy is on a roll.

Firstly, I would love to thank the people behind this drama, because they made this noona-love possible. They might not end up together, but hey, at least we get to see both of them sharing an affection for each other. We even got a bonus kiss scene 🙂 Somehow, I have a feeling that they won’t be together in the end and that she’ll probably end up with Lawyer Cha. However, I have no complains because both guys are awesome characters – and the drama made me love both guys, so I don’t mind who she ends up with. It will be a sweet bonus if she does end up with Park Soo Ha though.

For now, Park Soo Ha is declared innocent – but the coming episodes will be another battle as Min Jong Gook is determined to put Soo Ha behind bars. I guess he’s that desperate because with Soo Ha around, he couldn’t harm Lawyer Jang. What I’m more curious about is Do Hyun’s father. He’s clearly bothered by Min Jong Gook’s cellmate – and I highly suspect that he might have something to do with the murder himself and framed the cellmate instead.

For now, let’s enjoy some sweet exchanges between Park Soo Ha and Lawyer Jang 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 7 & 8


This drama is knocking all other dramas and quickly making me obsessed about it. The latest two episodes are stronger than the previous episodes and I’m pleased to say that it’s a huge leap forward.

I never expected Min Jong Guk to kill Lawyer Jang’s mother and it was really a surprise. It was even more fun to see Lawyer Cha in conflict as to what he should do.

However, these two episodes bring Soo Ha and Lawyer Jang even closer and it makes me both giddy with love as well as heartbroken.

I thought there’ll never be a chance that they would get together or that Laywer Jang would fall for him, but this drama is so awesome that they gave us a confession & a kiss scene!

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POV DISCUSSION: I Hear Your Voice Episode 5-6

I love this show so much! I guess we’re all having a good time these few months because we have so much great dramas to watch!

I didn’t realised it when I first watched it, but now I have a vibe that this show is going for a more darker path, despite it’s sweetness. I thought that Park Soo Ha will just be the person who will help Jang Hye Sung, but now I think it’s going to be more than that.

Somehow after watching Episode 6, I realised that there is a chance that Park Soo Ha might just be the person who will be held in court and maybe Hye Sung has to defend him.

So far what we’ve watched is the relationship between the main characters (Hye Sung, Soo Ha, Cha Kwan Woo, Do Yun & Min Joon Gook). However, there’s probably more to come and their relationship with each other is much deeper. I didn’t really remember what Joon Gook said while killing Soo Ha’s dad, but there is definitely a story behind it – which we don’t know.

Hey…for all we know, maybe Do Yun’s dad is some big bad evil who ordered the death of Joon Gook’s family, or rather maybe he ordered Joon Gook to kill Soo Ha’s dad? AHAHAHA. Okay, maybe I think too far – but we never know what directions a k-drama can take! WAIT! Do Yun is not born from that family – maybe she’s the daughter of Joon Gook? Oh wait. No No~ she’s probably the daughter of the other prisoner in the jail.

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Drop-By Note: Cyrano Agency & I Hear Your Voice

I don’t have enough time to rave about all the good dramas, but I’ll leave short drop-by notes like this in future, just to update about the current dramas airing right now.

Dating Agency Cyrano continues to make me smile with each episode, and I really love the drama. Every character in the drama is fun and the storyline keeps moving. It’s not like…*ehem ehem* *paris* *ehem*. The sub-stories were fun to watch, even the sub-characters were full of color. I can’t wait to see Sooyoung and Chunhee getting together. Lol. It feels like Chunhee is using her, but hey, it’s all good right now. It’s really funny how Chunhee looks so charming in the drama, but when I’m reminded of him in Family Outing, I can’t stop laughing.

I Hear Your Voice is awesome! It continues to be awesome, and I hope it will stay that way! Lee Jong Suk is so adorable having a puppy love and he is just so hot! HAHAHAHA! I’m so glad that they picked him and Lee Bo Young, because their age difference is very obvious and as much as I love him and her, I can accept that they won’t be together in the end. If they had someone else and older playing Lee Jong Suk, I would probably shipped them off together and didn’t want the other guy to exist at all. However, since Lee Jong Suk is not the main guy for Lee Bo Young, it feels just so awesome to see them spending time together, though not in a romantic way.

And the scene when Lee Jong Suk teaches her to check the internet browsing history…omg! *SWOONS* I almost scream in delight. AHAHAHAHA. SO CUTE!

FIRST IMPRESSION: I Hear Your Voice Ep 1 & 2


I was waiting for this drama and I’m pleased to say that it left such a good impression that I have to say I’m in love instantly. Hahaha. It must be a good drama season at the moment, since that there are a few good dramas airing around 🙂

Anyway, this drama is full of cute – but the characters itself are interesting. There’s a little more depth to them (though we still more episodes to make them grow even more).

I like Lee Bo Young’s character as she’s neither good nor evil. She stood up for justice when she was young, but now that she’s older, she doesn’t really have an interest in anything. It seems as though she lives day by day, just like that. She doesn’t seem to be affected by how people view her – she doesn’t care. However, she’s clearly still haunted by the incident and is afraid of the dark. It’s really great to see that in just 2 episodes, they’ve shown us a few sides of her.

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