If Tomorrow Comes Ep 5 Discussion

Secret’s out. Won Sub’s sister is suspicious of Won Sub’s relationship with Soon Jung, and finally in the end of this episode, she confirms the fact that indeed Won Sub has an affair with Soon Jung.

Unlike what I thought, her child is not dead, but actually living with someone else, and they go visit him once in a while or bring him home.

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If Tomorrow Comes Episode 4 Discussion

*Not a recap, but a discussion.

ITC (If Tomorrow Comes) Episode 4 continued to show more development for the various characters. I have a rough idea who will be the potential rival of the couple, but I’m still not 100% sure.

Won Sub’s sister pick things up very fast, and she suspects his relationship with Soon Jung, wondering if he is the father to her child.

As for our main couple, after the break-up, neither had a clear mind and is distracted, even at school and work respectively.

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If Tomorrow Comes Episode 1 & 2 Impressions

If Tomorrow Comes is a new weekend drama which captured my attention with their two leads, Seo Woo (Flames of Desire, Tamra Island, Cinderella Sister) and Ha Suk Jin (Once upon a time in Saeng Cho Ri).

I love both of them individually, and I love it even more that they’re paired together. I find Seo Woo’s acting really good and under-rated actually. I thought she did really well in Flames of Desire and Tamra Island, though Cinderella Sister didn’t do her acting any justice. As for Ha Suk Jin, I think he’s great eye candy and I find his acting not bad as well.

Anyway, I watched the first two episode of the drama and I thought I’ll just share my impressions on it as well as introduce some of the main characters.

It’s also interesting that a 50 episode drama started with both leads already in a relationship with each other. However, they’re on a brink of breaking up due to family differences. It would be interesting to see how they end up together again.

Just for your information, the drama is about a relationship of mother and daughter, which I’m guessing that will start getting rough when Seo Woo breaks up with Suk Jin.

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