REVIEW: Incarnation Of Money


I wanted to watch this for quite some time, but I was too busy. I watched the first two episodes a few days back, and finally got some time yesterday, so I watched the remaining 12 episodes yesterday. 


I really love this drama to bits, and I could feel it turning into one of my favorite dramas in 2013 if the rest of the episodes remain just as good. 

The pace is good, the plot is good and the characterization of Kang Ji Hwan & Park Sang Min is amazing. I’m actually quite amazed at the story because it balances the tone of the drama really well. It’s funny, without being entirely a comedy and it’s serious without being too dark or melo. 

If there was no recaps on this, I would have done it – but dramabeans are doing the recaps, so you guys can head there. 

Ahead, is a brief summary of episode one to episode 14 and will contain spoilers.

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