Jang Ok Jung vs Bu Bu Jing Xin

There were talks about how Jang Ok Jung was the ‘korean version’ of Bu Bu Jing Xin. It’s not the remake of BBJX, but rather it was said to be similar because of the “love that cannot be due to politics”.

I’ve always thought that no other drama could do it as good as BBJX. However, while watching the first few episodes of JOJ, I thought that maybe it could deserve the title of ‘korean version’. However, as the episodes goes by, JOJ is far from being the ‘korean version’ of BBJX.

In BBJX, Rouxi and the King had fallen in love and they went through many obstacles, yet couldn’t be together. Their love was considered pure. It was the politics of the palace, the little misunderstandings which led to them being torn apart.

However, in JOJ, their once pure love turned into a battle as JOJ tries her best to stay in the palace. She gangs up with evil uncle, and plots to chase the Queen out. She harms the Queen Mother out of revenge. Continue reading “Jang Ok Jung vs Bu Bu Jing Xin”

The Irony: Jang Ok Jung vs. Gu Family Book

For the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned numerous times about how much I loved Jang Ok Jung, how much that I find the drama absolutely stunning and beautiful. I’ve also mentioned about my disappointment with Gu Family Book.

How ironic is it now that halfway through both drama’s run, my thoughts & views have changed completely.

I don’t like the direction of JOJ right now, because it seems like Ok Jung is slowly becoming evil. I know that she’s turning that way to live, but even in Dong Yi, the character Ok Jung was not evil from the start. I thought this drama promised the viewers to give a different perspective of Jang Ok Jung’s character. So naturally, I would think that she won’t be evil.

I thought that the drama will show that she’s being innocent all the way, and that the people around her is what make her seems “evil”. I wanted her to be good all the way – because that’s what I thought being different from the rest of the Jang Ok Jung.

However, sadly I have no idea why Ok Jung is hating on the Queen so much. I understand that she hates Queen Mother, but I really don’t know why she tries to make the Queen jealous. She was after all once the girl who made sure the King visited the first Queen on her deathbed. As a woman herself, she should be able to know how much pain the Queen is in.

I don’t hate the show entirely right now, I’m just sad at how things are turning into right now. Let’s hope it redeems itself soon.

As for Gu Family Book, I’m surprised at how quick the latest few episodes have been. It seems like the first half of the show was a drag, and now things are finally moving along. I’m glad that Wol Ryung’s back, and I’m surprised that both him & Kang Chi are aware of each other’s relationship before they even have a face off physically.

Chung Jo is finally turning into a gisaeng after turning her back on Kang Chi, and Taeso finally goes undercover. All of these should have happened faster – but it’s better late than never.

The biggest surprise was that Seohwa is still alive! And she’s got evil dude in her hands!

I thought that she was dead for sure, and there had been no talks that she will survive. I was only looking forward to Wol Ryung’s return. However, I’m very pleased with this. I do not like Lee Yeon Hee personally – but her character could come in useful in making Wol Ryung into back who he was.

Anyway, now that Wol Ryung’s back to kill everyone, and Seowa’s back for revenge – it seems like I’m in for a fun ride in future.


Latest Updates & Recommendations please~!

Hello 🙂

Let’s do a short update on the drama’s I’m currently watching. Okay, so firstly, my latest love is Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. The drama is so pretty and lovely. I love the fact that the leads are in love with each other, yet aware that they are not supposed to be with each other. However, as much as I love how things are going on right now, I hope it will remain this awesome right till the end.

As we all should know, Choi Sukbin (the King’s lady after Jang Ok Jung) will come inside the story at one point of time. As history mentioned, the King sort of like her, or maybe loved her. I mean none of us will know the truth right? As in, only the people involved will truly know. Historians might always misunderstand. I hope that the drama doesn’t make it seem as though the King loved her. It will be so heartbreaking, wouldn’t it??? The perfect King who fell in love with Jang Ok Jung actually let his heart waver for another girl. It would be acceptable if he likes her, not love her. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but I just hope the love between the King & Ok Jung last all the way till the end.

More updates

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K-DRAMA: Jang Ok Jung Live in Love

Jang_Ok-jung,_Live_for_Love-posterI love this drama.

I love the fact that they’re making a drama, in Jang Ok Jung’s perspective. What if she wasn’t evil? What if…?

I like the overall flow and tone of the drama. It’s so pretty and lovely. The only thing I dislike? Uncle Dongpyung doesn’t have a partner. Ahahaha. He’s so lovable I want him to be happy. However, I don’t think this drama will make him a happy character.

I prefer this over Gu Family Book, and I thought this drama should receive more attention. But oh well.