King’s Family. I’m out.

Alright. I’ve officially dropped watching King’s Family. It felt good at first, and promising, but after I kept on watching, I don’t think I can watch any more. The characters are getting too annoying for my liking, and I don’t like the direction the drama is heading towards. Besides, I won’t have plenty of time anyway, so usually weekend dramas are first to be cut if I can’t cope.

I’m still watching Will You Love & Give It Away, and I am still awaiting for Golden Rainbow 🙂

As for the other dramas I’m watching, there’s a high chance that I may drop out of Medical Top Team or Heirs. I’ll talk about those dramas separately. As for now, I’m just out of King’s Family.


Kings-Family1(photos taken from official KBS site. No copyright infringement intended.)

New weekend drama, King’s Family, started a few weeks back and I’ve been watching it for quite some time now. The thing about weekend dramas is that we can’t judge it too early because a lot of things can happen before the drama ends. I usually tend to avoid weekend dramas because they take too much of my time, and there are too many episodes, and the chances of them failing is very high.

I wasn’t intending to start on King’s Family at all, because there wasn’t any particular winning point to make me want to watch the drama. Usually I pick up weekend dramas due to two reasons – either it stars one of my favourite actors (including actresses, I just call all of them as actors), or the plot sounds intriguing enough. However, I read a review and it says that King’s Family was pretty good, so I decided to give it a try.

I’m glad I did, because the drama seems decent enough for the time being. I like the characters in it, and we have a good blend of family conflicts. Most of the characters in the drama have depths, so it’s a pretty nice start. Click read more, for more discussion on the characters and story.

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