FIRST IMPRESSION: Let’s Eat Season 2 Episode 1


Let’s Eat is back with Season 2! First of all, this episode is not a recap, nor a discussion, unlike what I did for season 1. It’s just a review after I watched the first episode. I would probably write up another post sometime this week, if I have time.

I loved the first season, and despite being excited about a second season, it’s still upsetting that most of the cast from season 1 is not returning 😦

I still decided to give it a try, and after watching the first episode, I have mixed feelings. The episode wasn’t bad, but my love for season 1 casts is stopping me from loving the casts in season 2. Maybe I just need time, but it’s really hard to see Daeyoung with another girl and not Sookyung 😦

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