FINAL REVIEW: Let’s Eat Episode 16 (Last Episode)


Let’s Eat has finished airing and the last episode wrapped things up beautifully 🙂 I loved every moment of it, and I’m so going to miss everything about this show, especially the FOOD!

Of course, I wouldn’t say the drama is flawless, but I really enjoyed myself and each episode has something to offer, be it the food porn, or the cute, or the mystery.

When I first started watching it, I thought it would be focusing on the lives of singles, and how it is difficult living alone – and it seemed to be going in that direction in the early episodes, but somehow along the way, the drama moved towards the romantic angle as well as the mystery angle – which I didn’t mind at all because it’s full of cute 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 15 (no screencaps)


Alright, I’m back with Episode 15 – sorry for the long wait~ and for this episode, there will be NO SCREENCAPS or RECAP. It will just be a discussion. Because of the many new dramas airing, I’m dedicating a lot of whatever free time I have to watch and catch up with them (not to write about them, but because I want to watch them). Therefore, I don’t really have a lot of time to spare to write.

This is less time consuming then doing recaps, or discussions with screencaps, so just bear with me.

Let’s get down to business, Episode 15 was great and each of the characters moved a step forward and I like it at how Lawyer Oh got a short little spotlight on herself too 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 14


*screams* Okay, that was my reaction when Episode 14 ended. This episode slowed down a little, which is a good thing, because the last two episodes were packed with a lot of goodies. Of course, this episode doesn’t lose out at all – because the goodies they offered was sufficient and satisfying.

No recap for this episode – because I thought the episode was straight-forward enough. I’ll do a discussion and just a simple sort-of-summary kind of thing.

Oh – and I didn’t screencap any food in this episode. Well, basically, because the food wasn’t the highlight in this episode. Hah.

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[SCREENCAPS]: Let’s Eat Episode 13 (Food Appreciation Post)


I didn’t include the food screencaps in Let’s Eat Episode 13 Recap/Discussion post because it has too many screencaps in one post so I decided to just pull out the food screencaps and post it here instead. There will be no discussion on the drama in this post itself, it will just be pictures of the food they ate.

Now, brace your tummies.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 13


What could be more precious than having Dae Young’s feelings for Soo Kyung out in the open? I loved this episode 🙂 This drama continues to be simply amazing and so fun to watch, not to mention the awesome food along the way.

Personally, I think with this episode, we get a clear idea on the future love line. Previous episodes didn’t really give us a good peek at Dae Young’s feelings towards Soo Kyung because he just seems indifferent to her, in a way. However, with just this episode alone, we know that Dae Young definitely likes her – and that settles everything else 🙂

I love Lawyer Kim – and everyone else in this drama, but I’ve mentioned this before, I don’t really care so much about the ending even if the leads end up alone and living their own lives happily. However, logically I think it’s okay now to sail the Dae Young and Soo Kyung boat because we know they both have feelings for each other.

It amazes me at how the writer seems to seamlessly let us root for both guys and it doesn’t hurt honestly, no matter who Soo Kyung chooses.

I’ll be doing a short recap/discussion focusing mainly on the leads, especially Dae Young. The food screencaps will be posted in a different post. (Here)

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 12


First of all – I’m really sorry to say but I won’t be recapping this episode. I’m not sure about future episodes, but I really have less time to write because I’m busy. However, I still want to let out what I think, so I would still continue doing discussions. As for screencaps, I will only do them when I have spare time.

Anyway, Episode 12 is so awesome and I can’t wait for the next episode because things are moving at a fast speed and I’m just sooooooo happpyyyy. Not that it was moving at a slow speed before, but it’s just that things are starting to get interesting because the romance part is finally here and I just want MOREEEE.

And so, we still don’t know Kwang Suk’s real identity, if he is evil or not – but I think……he’s probably not. Actually, I was suspecting the laundry uncle since a few episodes back – but I’m not sure either.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 11 (Part Two)


I had two screencaps I had in my mind to put as the main screencap for the post, and I was hesitating between this (the one above) or Sookyung and Dae Young – but decided on this instead, because he is just too adorable. Imagine how cute could they have been if Lawyer Kim was not convincing himself to take some ridiculous revenge because Sookyung doesn’t remember him as the guy who gave her a hairpin. (*Note: When I say cute together, I don’t mean it as being a couple. They could have been friends or good colleagues. They could have been on better terms basically.)

Anyway, this is the second half of Episode 11 – decided to create two post because there are too many screencaps to just fit in one post. You can find part one here: Let’s Eat Episode 11 Part One

There will be a discussion at the end of this post 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 11 (Part One)


I can’t stop loving this drama~ Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh faced-off today as the ladies who like Dae Young, and we also have Sookyung who tries to convince herself that she does not like him more than a fan (yeah…right.)

Lawyer Kim continues to be such an adorable cutie, and the parcel guy is just so CUTE. He’s not just here for decoration people, I shall not spoil it yet.

I won’t be doing a full recap of this episode, because I don’t really have time for it 😦 I will just post screencaps and put in little notes here and there, and do a discussion.

[UPDATED] This post is already updated with more screencaps, Part two will be up in 30 minutes time. I have decided to seperate into two post because there are too many screencaps and if I dump all of them in one post, it will take forever to load the page for people with average internet connection.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 10


This episode took a long time for me recap because there was a lot of goodies in this episode (and I was busy), and a lot of scenes just needs to be screencap because it’s too cute to miss! Lawyer Kim is being such a total dork in love – but it’s too bad that Sookyung misunderstands his actions as something negative.

Sookyung has fallen for Dae Young, and we also have a CUTE parcel guy, who I don’t know what is his role going to be in the drama. Is he just here in this one episode? Is he the killer? Is he going to be Jin Yi’s partner? I don’t know – but I know that he’s CUTE.

First of all – be prepared, this is a long post, because there are a lot of screencaps.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 9


This episode teased us again, and now we have to wait for another week before we see Dae Young & Sookyung, after Sookyung was ‘sold’ to him. Hahaha. However, this episode showed us the growing feelings of Sookyung towards Daeyoung, as well as Lawyer Kim’s feelings towards Sookyung.

We all know that Lawyer Kim likes Sookyung, but he doesn’t realizes it himself. He had a crush on her, but what he was aiming for was to get sort of a revenge on her for not recognizing him. He doesn’t know that he still hold feelings for her – and in this episode, he realizes that indeed he still loves her.

The assaulter hasn’t appeared yet, but we see that he was standing along the corridors and looking at the different apartments which belongs to Jin Yi, Sookyung and Dae Young respectively. Who is this dude, and what is his problem? I mean – all he did previously was just randomly hit a single woman and ran away. So…he shouldn’t be having a grudge or problem against these three, and there shouldn’t be a reason for him to personally pick out his victims because I think his requirements were just women living alone.

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