POV DISCUSSION: Liar Game Episode 4


Can time stop at this moment?

I’m enjoying Liar Game a lot, and I think it’s a good thing that I never watched the Japanese version, because watching remakes is really a very difficult thing to do. Comparing is inevitable. I’ve gave up on Cantabile Tomorrow. It’s so bad and such a far cry from the Japanese version. Others might disagree though.

Anyway, the latest two episodes of Liar Game, was pretty toned down, but still engaging. The main problem I’m facing though, is actually wanting more OTP moments, but I know this is a remake, and the plot and story could be considered somehow, fixed – so I have to constantly remind myself not to hope for too much OTP moments.

I have no idea what it was like in the Japanese version, or the manga – and whether there was a romance, and whether it leads to somewhere, and I am so tempted to actually research so that I know what I’ll be getting, but that spoils the fun, so I’m controlling myself.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Liar Game Episode 1 & 2


I’ve watched Liar Game, which is a manga adaption and I love it!!!

I didn’t watch the Japanese drama, but it is said that this adaption follows more towards the manga and not the Japanese drama. I always wanted to watch the Japanese drama, but never really started it, but maybe after finishing the Korean one, I might try watching the Japanese one.

Okay – first thing first. I never knew Lee Sang Yoon could be so charming and charismatic. He is practically overflowing with so much charisma, I am shocked, yet very happy. I’ve seen him in other dramas, but his roles never really stuck in my head for long, but THIS, I am blown away.

I’m just going to do a short summary, and those who watched the Jap drama or read the manga, no spoilers please, Thank You 🙂

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