POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 9 & 10

I am totally insane over this drama. Hahaha. As each episode progresses, I love the characters more and more. The dialogues are witty and hilarious and I just appreciate this drama for being over the top.

At the end of Episode 9, I was in a panic mode, because they brought in a fiancée, played by Seo Hyo Rim. And as dramaland knows Seo Hyo Rim always plays the arrogant other woman. Hah! Episode 10 saved my life when she was just a cameo 🙂

Kang Woo finally gives the soft toy ‘Gong Shil’ to Gong Shil, and Tae Ryung was jealous. Tae Ryung is pretty interesting herself. I like her candidness, but sometimes she can be a little mean. Kang Woo being scared out of his wits and realizing it was Tae Ryung was hilariously cute. I hope these two end up together.

Joo Won finally makes the decision to just go ahead and do whatever he pleases with Gong Shil (YEAHHHHHH!!!!), And now he’s leaving the decision on Gong Shil.

Awwww 🙂

I love it every time Joo Won tries to calculate his feelings for her, but he knows it himself that he loves her a lot. As for Cha Hee Joo mystery, maybe she does have a twin but the one who died is most likely Hee Joo. The one who is alive must be up to no good.

POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 7 & 8

I absolutely adore this drama. It’s weird how I went from Huh…to Not bad…to Oh Hell Yeah.

Master’s Sun continues to make me feel jelly and grin like a crazy small kid who received a candy. It manages to be all sweet and fun to watch, and I can’t help but to root all the couples together. Haha!

I don’t know what’s with the Cha Hee Joo history, and I’m not that interested in that part of the drama. All I want to see is to see the living couples get together. Perhaps Cha Hee Joo planned the kidnap with his father, or his uncle (though unlikely since the uncle doesn’t look like he got the guts). It’s definitely not Kang Woo, because he’s such a gentleman and it doesn’t make sense.  What if….it was Tae Gong Shil?

Nahhhh. They wouldn’t do that to us, right?

I think there’s more to Tae Gong Shil’s accident which caused her to see ghosts, and I just hope it has nothing to do with Cha Hee Joo’s death. Dramas can be a little dramatic, right? Let’s just not go there, drama.

POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 5 & 6

Master Sun is actually starting to grow on me. At first, I was disappointed it wasn’t as creepy as the trailers was, and the ghosts turned out rather more ridiculous than scary. The actions of Gong Shil and Joong Won, are greatly exaggerated, which kind of irritates me.

However, I’m now used to the exaggerations of Gong Shil and Joong Won, and I’ll take it as a comedy effect. The rule to liking this drama, is to not have any expectations and to not take it seriously. It’s full of laughter, and full of cute, but not really on the serious side.

I actually like Kang Woo every time he is being sweet and a gentleman, and without hidden intentions. He’s a gentleman at heart, but it’s just so happens that he is also spying on Joong Won and Gong Shil. It’s cute how Yi Ryung always bumps into him, and we totally know that she will eventually fall for him. I’m all for it if these two end up together, but of course I want Kang Woo to fall in love with Gong Shil first. Hahaha. Dramas are more fun with love triangles.

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POV DISCUSSION: Master Sun Ep 3 & 4

Alright, I don’t know if I like this show or hate this show. There are a lot of things which I don’t like, but some moments I love them.

This drama lead characters seems too similar to The Greatest Love, which is actually a disappointment. The characters are no longer new or fresh or that interesting. Every time Tae Gong Shil tries to be cute towards Joong Won, it reminds me of her and Dokko Jin. It’s the same. Seriously. I preferred it when she was possessed by Cha Hee Joo and spoke to Joong Won like a normal person.

However, I love the moments when Joong Won always hesitates and ends up helping Gong Shil anyway. Awwwww. I don’t know Kang Woo’s purpose in the story yet and why he is stalking Joong Won’s life. Anyway, he’s already halfway interested in Gong Shil for real and is curious as to why she is living that way.

Of course the best part of these two episodes is when Joong Won flared up at Gong Shil and tells her to leave, but ends up running to save her when a big accident occurs and a lot of people died. Awww. He’s afraid that she would be frighten by all of the ghosts. The moment he hugged her was…AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 🙂

It’s weird that both Master Sun and Who Are You are about the female leads ability to see ghosts, but the story and pace, and flow are all worlds apart. Honestly, I prefer Who Are You for the mystery and the story. Master Sun is good when it comes to making me swoon. Lol.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Master’s Sun Ep 1 & 2

Okay, I thought Master’s Sun was going to be creepy like how movie Chilling Romance was, but it turns out the opposite. Honestly when Chilling Romance was out, I thought it was going to be funny and not so creepy, but it turned out creepier than I expected and less funny, but it was great. This drama is the direct opposite. I expected it to be creepy but it turned out more funny than creepy.

I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing right now. Firstly, the ghost are not scary – and it is more of ridiculous. HAHA. However, the show is more of a light-hearted tone and I liked the interactions between Gong Hyo Jin & So Ji Sub.

I’m not sure about the ghost part in the drama, but I shall just sit back and watch the leads and Seo In Guk develop a loveline. I’m pretty sure that will be more interesting that the ghost part.

Anyway, it’s pretty interesting that every time she touches So Ji Sub, the ghosts disappear. And I’m kind of curious as to what accident did she get herself into, which made her able to see ghosts. As for So Ji Sub, how unfair must he have felt that his kidnapper died and the blame was on him and nobody knew. For Seo In Guk, I wonder what is his grudge against So Ji Sub…?

For now, I hope there is less ghosts storyline and more interactions. Those are more fun to watch. Seriously.