FIRST IMPRESSION: Misaeng Episode 1 & 2


This is awesome. I love this. I heard good things about the webtoon, and how it was popular – and it has every right to be popular. It’s very different from most dramas, or I would even say it’s different from all the dramas I’ve watched so far.

You know dramas would have a plot, or a story, and the episode would usually revolves around that, and the pace would move quickly for the story to develop? It’s totally different here. The pace is incredibly slow – but it’s not negative. In fact, it’s the good point about the drama. The best part is that the drama is so close to reality, it’s fascinating, and really interesting.

Im Si Wan is making me look at him in a different light, and oh I want to hug him so bad watching this.

Not doing recaps – short summary and just some thoughts about it.

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