Drop-By Note: Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 & 8


I’m back with a Drop-By Note for Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 & 8. I’ve stopped doing recaps for this because the drama seems so ridiculous and messy despite me liking a few things about the show. Now after 6 episodes of ‘nothing’, Episode 7 & 8 moves a step forward with the characters.

We finally see what we wanted to see and the fact that this drama is ending soon just makes me think about how ridiculous it is to wait 7 episodes to give us some goodies about the characters. Like I’ve mentioned before, a normal drama is fine but for short drama – it’s just weird.

This drama has lost way too many points with me, but I’m just sticking along because I want to see who Yeo Joo ends up with. I’m voting for Kay. He’s way more cute and charming compared to Alex. Alex’s character had always felt like a robot to me in the drama.

Now, I’m not going to talk much. Just drop a few screenshots which makes Episode 7 & 8 worthwhile.

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Nail Shop Paris Episode 5

I’m not going to recap any more of Nail Shop Paris episodes, unless they give me something good to write about. This episode is utterly boring, and I’m really running out of patience.

I really don’t know what this drama is supposed to be about. Is it supposed to be about the shop? Or Gumihos?

The characterizations in this drama is BAD BAD BAD. The sub plots are mediocre, and I don’t even know the main story of the drama.

There are only 10 episodes, and we’re halfway through, but I don’t know what the hell am I watching. Is it a drama supposed to be about Yeo Joo becoming a writer and falling in love? No. is it a drama about gumihos? No. I don’t know. There is a suspicious character, but no we don’t know if she’s a gumiho. Is it a drama about this nail shop who helps customers? I don’t know. The nail shop does helps various customers every episode – but if you tell me this drama is all about THAT, I’m telling you, this drama is crap.

What happened to the main characters of the story?!

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Last episode, I said that I’ll move up this drama up 10 places. However, with this episode, I’m going to shift it back down 50 places.

This episode was full of the unnecessary yet again, and plot-wise is not moving anywhere. The only good thing about this episode was the last 1 minute.

For this episode, I’m just going to do a brief recap or rather a summary. It wasn’t that fun for me to want to recap it.

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If there was a drama ranking system, I would move this drama up 10 places just for this episode alone. Unlike the first two episodes, which I had mixed feelings for, I absolutely loved this episode.

Things take a cute turn, and the one to find out she’s a girl first is someone I least expected. Well, there might be a further twist in the later episodes, but we’ll leave that for later.

As from now, I will not be uploading pictures together with my recaps. And as I’ve said, my recaps will be straight-forward, and won’t be focused too much on the customer’s life. I might include some pictures (very minimal) just for the fun of it – but don’t expect too much.

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I’m back with Episode 2 of NAIL SHOP PARIS. As I’ve mentioned previously, this drama has a similar concept of a j-drama. I think they’re going to keep going this way. In every episode, or maybe every two episode, there would be customers who visit the shop, and the four of them will try their best to make them happy – or solve their problems.

It’s not that I have something against these kinds of drama – but it’s just weird for a k-drama to have this concept. The last k-drama I watched with this concept was The Manny (or the nanny). It was so weird and downright boring that I gave up after a few episodes.

I’m not giving up on this yet, because it doesn’t seem to be as straight-forward as it is. It’s not simply about girl dress up as boy and fall in love. The characters are interesting – and there might even be gumiho involved.

For the future episodes and this episode, I will not do a full recap. I will skip the part about the “solving customers problem” part because it’s not very interesting, honestly. I’ll keep it straight to the point.

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NAIL SHOP PARIS: Episode One Recap


Nail Shop Paris is a new drama from MBC Queen, airing every Friday and scheduled for 10 episodes. 2 episodes have aired so far. The drama centers around Hong Yeo Joo, who dress up as a boy to work in a nail shop which hires only males.

It’s not like she’s into nails – she’s a writer and she’s looking for inspiration to write after her last story received negative feedback. In the shop, we have a lady boss and 3 pretty boy manicurists.

I’ll do a written recap of the first episode (with no pictures – unless I decide to put in a few pictures for fun). I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do recaps for the drama. That will depend of the show and my time.

(Sorry – but the alignment of the pictures are a bit out of place, and I’m too lazy to fix it. Just bear with it.)

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