Let’s Discuss: NICE GUY’s FINALE :)

Hi there 🙂

I’m so inconsistent. Heh. Been busy with work & stuff.

I just finished wrapping up NICE GUY, and I loved the ending. I’m not so sure about the rest of you though. I think that there would be no better ending.

When I first starting on NG, I thought it would be more intense. However, it was not as intense, but it was still enjoyable. There are twists & turns I didn’t expect, and I loved how each characters are written. They’re not just there for us to hate or root for. They’re there for us to think and understand each character & the decisions they eventually make.

As for NG’s ending, it didn’t matter whether Kang Maru remembers Eun Gi or not. Either ways, it was a perfect way to wrap up the drama. If he remembered her, then thank goodness. If he didn’t, it just means he loved her all over again and wants to marry her. I would prefer him not remembering his past because it’s a much sweeter ending. He loved her all over again, and unlike what he said to Jae Hee, this time he had something he wished for. A second chance with Eun Gi & an ordinary love.

❤ you awesome drama 🙂