The Final Review: One Warm Word Episode 20


One Warm Word has ended – and can it be any sweeter?

I loved this drama from the beginning up till the very last second, and I have nothing but praises for it. I would say it’s one of the most thoughtful drama I’ve watched in recent years. It plays with your beliefs and your ideals – and it’s really enjoyable.

I think the key to fully enjoying the drama is that you have to be open-minded, because this drama plays a lot with perspective. What you think is right, others might disagree. You have to accept this – then you’ll be able to enjoy the drama.

Honestly, when I started this drama, I never expected it to be this good. I thought it will be full of cat-fights and melodramatic but I’m still awed by how this drama is nothing like that and is just sweet and heart-warming.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 19


OMG. How long has it been since the last episode :’) I’m so glad to have it back, even though there is only one episode and this episode leaves me all fuzzy and warm inside and I’m just happy to have the drama back. Hah.

Our couples are slowly moving on and each relationship takes a whole new direction – whether it’s starting over, or moving on.

No recaps as usual – just a discussion 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 17 & 18


I wonder how long is this drama – 20 episodes? 24 episodes? It’s almost near the end, but I never felt unhappy with the pace of the drama. I loved each episode, and how every episode seems to make me think a little bit about something. I’m not sure how the writer will manage to wrap up everything if it ends at 20, but I trust the writer would do well, right? Since it has been good so far~

I feel like this drama is very well-planned. Each episode feels as though it was carefully written and it’s not like those absurd dramas which goes haywire towards the end because of live shooting and bad ratings and blah blah blah. This is probably a drama which you would either hate or like – no in between.

Since it covers a very sensitive topic, and is unlike other dramas, it’s really either you like it or you don’t. I love it of course. It’s about marriage and affairs – but unlike other dramas of similar theme, this is entirely different because it isn’t as dramatic (you know…husband has an affair, wife takes revenge, mistress is an ass…etc). It covers those topic but each episode shows us how the character deals with it (and in a very realistic and human way, no killing or make-over revenge, etc). It’s interesting and thought-provoking.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 15 & 16


The painful heartbreak is here – and it hurts 😦

Min Soo & Eun Young’s relationship is put to a stop by Min Soo after he finds out Eun Young is Eun Jin’s sister. Everything is twisted, and there is just so much angst going around in these two episodes.

I again appreciate the writer for not dragging things, and slowly developing the characters and make each episode so worth watching. Some dramas have very quick pace, with a lot of things happening and developing, that sometimes, we fail to understand the character more or go along with the character’s feelings. This drama focuses more on characters and reasoning behind their actions.

I find this drama very well-made, because honestly, there isn’t much plot towards it if you think about it. It’s simple and straight-forward – two married couples, an affair, and an entangled innocent couple. However, what makes this drama so compelling is that it focuses a lot on the characters and with each new episode, makes us understand the characters more, the choices they made, and etc. It feels sort of realistic – and gives us various perspective while watching the drama because it touches on topics which are very real in society.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 11-14


I’m so sorry for the late discussion on One Warm Word as I’ve been very busy. I won’t be recapping the episodes or do a detailed discussion. I’m just going to do a short discussion.

I still love and enjoy the drama for what it is, and with all the sweet moments of Min Soo and Eun Young, I don’t know how they or I can handle all the heartbreak that’s to come.

They’re progressing quickly, and now it just moments before Mi Kyung and Eun Jin realize that their siblings are dating each other.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 10


First and foremost, I’ve mentioned that I will not do a recap of this episode, but more of a discussion recap. In simple terms, I would just briefly talk about some scenes in the drama, and focus more on the characters and analyse the characters and the direction the drama is moving towards.

I have a lot of love for this drama because it makes me think a lot, and all of the characters have depth to them which makes it interesting to watch.

I’m not sure how the drama will turn out in the end, whether the married couples would remain married or whether they will move on and live separately. I don’t mind either endings – because I think both ways will work, but I just don’t want Jae Hak and Eun Jin to be together. It just seems morally wrong for them to end up together. Well, that’s just my opinion. I’m not sure if Min Soo & Eun Young will end up together. I am hoping they will, but for them to marry, both Eun Jin and Mi Kyung have to be okay with it – and honestly, I don’t think Mi Kyung can ever forgive Eun Jin. She can choose to let go of the hatred, but forgiving is a different thing.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 9


I’m not going to lie – This drama is one of the best family dramas I’ve ever watched. It’s not even a weekend drama which has 50 over episodes. It’s a miniseries, about two married couples and two singles who are forming a relationship. The best thing about it? It does not have overly dramatic plot-lines, and that is the winning point of this drama to me. The plot is something very realistic, something which is happening in people’s lives all over the world, and it’s just so awesome.

I like how the drama continues to make us question ourselves, and our beliefs about relationships and love. Is love really everlasting, and what is love all about? What does a marriage mean and what makes a good marriage? How to have a long-lasting marriage? There are so many questions, which has no right or wrong answer – and it all depends on each individual.

This episode brought tears to my eyes, because I could clearly feel the hurt and pain the different characters felt. It’s not just about focusing on one character – this drama is written in a way that I can love all the characters and feel their dilemmas. On a side note, the casts are all doing an awesome job at portraying their individual roles. This episode itself is totally Eun Jin & Sung Soo’s episode.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 8


While two marriages are in the midst of a break down, love blossoms for two individuals and as much as I’m happy for them, I have to prepare my heart for the future heartbreak, which will be too painful to see 😦

In this episode, everything is out in the open. Eun Jin confesses to Sung Soo about her affair, and Min Soo confesses to Eun Young about his feelings. Eun Jin and Mi Kyung meet up and talk as well. I’m glad that Eun Jin didn’t withhold the truth any longer, because this drama is all about dealing with things which happens.

There’s no secret affair, no dramatic lies or undercover, or whatever like tons of other dramas which probably spent more than half of the drama’s run to withhold information from the characters. I don’t know why they like doing that. I love this drama because it’s simple. It’s very clear cut and direct, which gives the drama enough room for the characters to show their feelings, their scars, their sadness and also hopefully their growth and how they overcome their pain.

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 7


It continues to surprise me at how good One Warm Word is, because technically, it is difficult to have a drama dealing about affairs and marriages and not be makjang and over-the-top. I love how OWW tackle these issues, and show us the different sides and perspective, depending on which character we choose to focus on.

Episode 7 had me clapping like a retarded girl in one scene, and also had me “Uh Oh” in another scene, something they do in every episode so far. It is just me who is appreciative of how straight-forward this drama is? I really love the fact that nothing is kept a secret and everything is slowly out in the open.

With this episode, I think I’ve got a clear idea on Min Soo’s stand. He does not have a one-sided weird crush on Mi Kyung. It’s just sibling love, and also gratefulness because Mi Kyung loves him so much even though he is illegitimate child. He might take extreme measures to protect Mi Kyung, but he’s always ready for the consequences which comes along with every decision he makes. However, his actions might bite him back later on, once he fall in love with Eun Young, and he’s halfway there 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 5 & 6


One Warm Word is not a drama where it catches your attention at one go, and BAM! it’s awesome. It’s more of a drama which slowly builds your interest as you keep watching. I like it how the drama continues to throw in small mysteries which keeps us in suspense, and yet that same mystery is quickly solved within the next episode, or slightly later. Then the drama throws in another mystery.

Besides the suspense we get from watching, it’s nice to see how two completely different families handle their problems. It’s heart-warming, and sweet on one side, while the other side is cold and brutal.

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