POV DISCUSSION: Pied Piper Episode 3

vlcsnap-2016-03-23-16h21m49s146I know this is pretty quick, considering I just posted the first impression hours ago, but yup, I’m back with a short discussion for episode 3.

No recaps for this – just a super short discussion.

So from where we left off in episode 2, the reporter is not the mysterious man, but it is in fact a policeman. I wished the reveal would come a little later and it wouldn’t have hurt if we were kept in the dark a little longer about the identity of the mysterious man.

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FIRST IMPRESSION/RECAP: Pied Piper Episode 1 & 2

vlcsnap-2016-03-23-11h42m43s670Yes I finally got around to watching Pied Piper!!! I wanted to watch it so bad but such an important show cannot be watched RAW because my knowledge of the language is limited. Thanks to the awesome subbers (as always) it is finally subbed. Oh yeah~

It was much more intense then I imagined it to be and the first two episodes blown me away. I didn’t realized the time passed by so fast!

Shin Ha Kyun is amazing as always!

I did a short recap for this and included my thoughts too 🙂

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