Pinocchio keeps winning me over with each new episode, and I continue to be surprise at how good the drama is. Then again, it’s the same writer of ‘I Hear Your Voice’ so it’s totally understandable.

Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about the drama because despite liking all the leads, I really wasn’t ready to watch Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye again. The bad memories from Dr Stranger and Heirs is too deep-rooted for me to let go of their roles in those dramas.

And even though I like Park Shin Hye, and believe she’s a good actress, I always find her roles very similar and felt that she is not branching or trying out new or different roles. Surprisingly, I really like her role here, and I hope she pick good projects like these in future.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Pinocchio Episode 1 & 2


Alright. I just finished watching Pinocchio, and it’s actually much better than I expected, which is a good thing. I heard that there was a back-story, and I was really reluctant to watch it because I’m just generally tired to watching dramas with childhood portions. However, the back-story was way better than I expected, and its the best part for me.

I’m not doing any recaps – just a short discussion and my first impression. You can find recaps at dramabeans or koalasplayground 🙂

*Discussion will include spoilers.

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