POV DISCUSSION: Prime Minister & I Episode 8/9

Alright. My interest for Prime Minister & I is back up, and I’m happy to say that I like the way things are going right now. My interest may still drop, and its dependent on future episodes.

So, let’s sort some things. Kwon Yul’s dead wife was inside the car with In Ho’s brother when they met with an accident and died. We know that In Ho’s brother loves Kwon Yul’s wife – but it’s still unclear whether his dead wife had an affair with In Ho’s hyung or was just on good terms, similar to In Ho and Da Jung. It might also be a possibility that In Ho’s brother used to work for Kwon Yul.

I thought it would be interesting to see In Ho and Joon Ki working together, but it looks like that’s not going to happen since Joon Ki kind of back-stabbed In Ho. Things would get interesting if these two fight each other, and I think In Ho should have the upper hand because he just seems smarter.

There’s just one thing which I don’t get yet – why Joon Ki blames Kwon Yul’s for his sister’s death. Is it because he doesn’t spend time with her? It’s probably something more than that, and I wish the drama quickly get to that. Nonetheless, I think the drama is pretty alright with the recent episodes.

POV DISCUSSION: Prime Minister & I Episode 5

Alright, we’re 3 episodes away from the halfway mark (if the drama is 16 episodes) and I’m just going to give a short review on the drama so far.

Initially, I thought it was fun, but now my interest is slowly decreasing. The main reason is because there are too many things going on in the drama – it feels as though there is no focus. We have Park Joon Ki who wants Kwon Yul to fail, and we have Kang In Ho who has a hidden grudge on Kwon Yul. We also have Seo Hye Joo who likes Kwon Yul and is liked by Park Joon Ki. And lastly, we have Nam Da Jung and the kids.


Honestly, I’m more interested in Nam Da Jung and the kids – and I would like to see more scenes of them bonding, and for Kwon Yul to actually learn to be a better dad. I’m not interested in those political fight, or hidden grudges – those are boring. Leave those plot-lines for other dramas. Or just take one of those plot-lines and make it good.

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POV DISCUSSION: Prime Minister & I (First Impressions)

Alright, I’ve watched the first two episodes of Prime Minister & I, and I think it has a pretty good first impression. It’s considerably funny, and I think it might be good if we give it time. The reason why I’m still not sure if it can last till the end, is because a part of me feels like the second half of this drama is going to be melo. I hope it won’t go in that direction, and remain fun till the end though.

Nothing to comment on Lee Bum Soo  because he’s already good. I’m glad that Yoon Shi Yoon picked this role, because it’s different from his previous roles so far. He recently picked roles which are bright and happy – but this role is a little different. He’s nice on the outside, but he has a mysterious side to him, and I like it 🙂 Not to mention that he’s eye candy. Haha.

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