First Impression: ROMANTIC DOCTOR

vlcsnap-2016-11-21-07h29m59s335Yes! Finally something to watch on Mon-Tue. I’m not watching any of the other Mon-Tue dramas and I’m glad that at least Romantic Doctor suits me.

I’m not sure how to review this yet – but I did liked the first four episodes. However, I find that medical dramas are hard to classify them too early because usually they either turn too politically centered, or too romantically centered.

However, for the first four episodes, I would say it’s balanced quite well. I do love the medical scenes and found it sufficient.

I’ve got to say that the romance moved at super speed. I was taken aback for sure, but I guess its not such a bad thing after all. Now we could skip all the initial love stages in most dramas, and focus more on story.

I love the characters and how they are so different from each other. And I love the whole mystery surrounding Master Kim and the usual question – the best or a good doctor?

Don’t disappoint drama!