POV DISCUSSION: Sassy Go Go Episode 3 & 4


Sassy Go Go continues to be a bundle of fun. I love how the drama manages to balance the different tones. It’s not too much cute and it’s also not overly heavy on the emotion side.

Anyway, the characters have started cheerleading! YES! Of course it would take some time I guess before we actually see them doing stunts and all that – but the whole process to actually get them to know each other was funny. I love the cheerleading teacher! She’s so awesome.

There was also a Ha Joon moment which I appreciated very much. I’m really curious why he wants to kill himself so badly, or why is he so afraid of his dad. I guess one of the most obvious reasons is pressure from parents – but the fact that his dad wanted to put him in a mental hospital if he hurt himself again means that he has been doing it more than once. But how could the dad still pressure him, if his son already tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions?

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Wow. A new gem, maybe?

Honestly, I was not even planning to watch Sassy Go Go (or Cheer Up) as I’m not a huge fan of Eunji (nothing personal, just emm, preference?) But there is Ji Soo and Chae Soo Bin so I could not just push it away without at least watching one episode. So after finishing the first episode, I enjoyed myself, more than I thought I would and now I can’t wait for more 🙂

I don’t really remember Lee Won Geun from his previous works – but after watching the first two episodes, he’s not bad. He’s actually pretty charming. Ji Soo is still handsome as always ❤

So overall, I find the first two episodes pretty good and the characters seems solid – I love how there seems to be plenty of depth to them. It makes a lot of difference and I can’t wait to see the different characters story. In short – I’m sold.

We totally know what to expect in future episodes – more bromance, friendships, and living life like a proper teen. But the unique factor is cheerleading! They’re really going to do it right? With the stunts and all? I’m totally excited for it so I hope the drama doesn’t disappoint!