[Quick Discussion] Scholar Who Walks The Night

Back with a quick discussion on Scholar Who Walks The Night.

I have mixed feelings for this. I was initially very excited about it because it’s based on a webtoon, so I kind of expected it to be really good (if not, why would they make it into a drama, right?) but after watching a few episodes, I’m not sure if it’s something I would like – or not. I was also looking forward to it because of the casts.

I’m not sure how accurate or how similar the drama is to the webtoon, but so far, the story is not reeling me in. It lacks a little something and it’s hard to put it in words. The casts are all doing a great job – and I love the visuals in the drama, but I guess it’s really the story which is lacking.

I love the OTP moments, and the OST tracks are nice – but personally, I don’t like how the music plays at almost every single scene in the drama. It’s distracting and takes away the focus from the scene. I find the vampire portion a little cringe-worthy at times too.

Hopefully, the story picks up a little and gets more interesting. But whatever it is, I will still watch it…because Lee Jun Ki ❤ Both Lee Yubi and Kim So Eun are great too 🙂