POV DISCUSSION: The OTP finally kisses in Secret Ep 12


I’m busy these days, so I’m unable to update much 😦 But I just had to update this because in Episode 12 of Secret, Min Hyuk and Yoo Jeong finally kissed!!!

Of course, it was a forced one by Min Hyuk’s side, but it’s still so satisfying because I just can’t wait till both of them can be together 🙂 Yoo Jeong did give in towards the end, but she’s not really “in love” with him yet. She’s thankful to him, and have good feelings towards him, but I don’t think she loves him yet, or least doesn’t realize it yet. Maybe she sat still, because Min Hyuk looked so sincere!!! She would never have thought he would love her, and there are so many reasons which holds her back from even thinking of loving him. But oh girl…sooner or later you would love him too 🙂

Ahn Do Hoon & Shin Se Yeon are being so irritating, I wish they’ll just disappear and let me just watch Min Hyuk and Yoo Jeong romance each other. Hahaha. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really crazy about this drama. It’s just so awesome. It’s like the perfect revenge-and-fall-in-love drama, because even though it manages to be tense, it’s not draggy or overly dramatic and melo. It’s just awesome with a capital A. AWESOME.

Added just a few screenshots of the kiss scene. LOL.

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RATINGS BATTLE (WED-THU): Secret VS Heirs VS Medical Top Team

Okay, let’s talk about the much discussed currently Wed-Thu dramas. Ratings wise, KBS’s Secret is the current ratings leader, followed by Heirs and Medical Top Team. 

I just had to write about this because I wanted to give out my opinions too. Hahaha. 

Which of these three drama are you watching, and which one do you like?

I’m watching all three, and like the majority, I love Secret the most. Secret is my current addiction, even with the other dramas airing on other days. The plot might not be that original, but none of the three drama plots are original anyway. It’s a matter of execution and story flow, and characters. All of these makes a difference. 

Secret is really addictive and all the drama fans just can’t wait to see our OTP get together, because damn, they create the angst so well. It’s really so satisfying to see Min Hyuk running all over the place, wanting revenge, but fell in love with Yoo Jung instead. Every week of Secret is not enough for me. Lol. I like go crazy after each episode end 😦

Heirs created a lot of hype, but the moment it aired, the hype disappears. I’ve mentioned this previously, but the story flow or pace is kind of slow for a candy-themed drama. Not to mention, the large family of characters and messy relationships everyone have. Let’s just quickly get to the point, okay? If not, I’ll end up dropping Heirs. 

Medical Top Team….is okay for a medical drama, but not that addictive enough. It doesn’t have that factor which makes me sit at the edge of my chair. It’s…yeah. However, the characters are interesting enough, or at least to me, I feel like the characters are going to be interesting enough, which may be worth my wait. We’ll see. 

So what drama do you think is the best out of the three?

POV DISCUSSION: Secret (Secret Love)



Secret has been airing for 3 weeks already, and is also currently the ratings leader in wed-thu battle. I’m not sure how you guys find it, but it is currently my new addiction and I’m liking what I get from this drama.

I’ve always been a fan of Ji Sung, though not really a fan of the dramas he was in (except for Save the Last Dance for Me). I’m so happy that I can finally love another drama he is in.

I expected Secret to be overly melo and dramatic or makjang and draggy and wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, it is actually quite nicely paced. It’s a little makjang if you think about the plot, but I’m just way too invested in the Min Hyuk-Yoo Jung loveline to bother about anything else.

Now, I’m just do a short summary about the drama if you guys have no idea what the drama is about.

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