POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 7 & 8


It’s weird how quickly I lose interest in dramas recently – it seems like there’s nothing which simply blows me away from start to finish anymore 😦

I still love She Was Pretty, I really do – but there’s just something about it which doesn’t make me love it a 100%. I can’t give an exact reason why – but there are certain things which I do find bothering. For example, how I personally feel that the comedy in the drama sometimes is too excessive and how the story doesn’t flow smoothly together with the comedy.

I didn’t feel this way when I started it – but I’m starting to feel it. Like for example when Hye Jin and Sung Joon went on a trip, he forgot his wallet and the lady got them to do some manual labor to make up for it. I understand that it’s sort of a plot device – for Sung Joon to actually get along with Hye Jin and realize she is not as bad as he thinks.

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POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 5 & 6


Alright back with a discussion for Episode 5 & 6 🙂

Sung Joon is slowly realizing that the Hye Jin he once knew is no longer the same and yet another Hye Jin somehow reminds him of the old Hye Jin. Ha Ri decides to go all out to try to win Sung Joon’s heart – or maybe more appropriately, she is doing whatever she can to spend more time with Sung Joon, even if it means faking her identity.

How long will it last – nobody knows. I hope it won’t take too long for the reveal, but at least enough time for Sung Joon to fall for Hye Jin as Hye Jin – and not as his first love. Besides, we also have another thing to worry about – how is Shin Hyuk’s existence going to complicate the already complicated relationship between the characters?

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POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 1 – 4


It’s finally here! I know this post took ages, but I wanted to wait till I’ve watched the first four episodes before writing up a post because sometimes the first two episodes is just not enough.

Anyway, the much anticipated drama, She Was Pretty has aired and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect – but the characters are intriguing and interesting enough to make the drama stand out. I’m actually a little surprised by how Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon’s chemistry in this drama is totally different from their previous drama together, but that is a good thing.

It’s so amazing that they shed their previous Oh Ri Jin and Oh Ri On image so fast – but then again, they’re professionals 🙂

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