POV DISCUSSION: Suspicious Housekeeper

Alright, a new drama has popped up and it’s Suspicious Housekeeper, which is a remake of a Japanese drama, Kaseifu No Mita. It’s basically about a mysterious housekeeper who does everything she’s told.

I don’t really like remakes, because I always think original is always the best. Or rather, I always prefer the version I always watched first. I didn’t catch the Japanese drama, though there was a point of time, I wanted to watch the drama but ended up too busy to watch it. Anyway, fate has it in such a way that I’m watching the Korean Version first.

The first two episodes really grabbed my attention. It was interesting. It’s a remake of a Japanese drama, and Japanese drama tends to be very different from K-dramas, so this drama probably won’t go well with some viewers. I’m quite a fan of J-dramas as well, so I’m actually liking the show. It’s not logical if you think about it, and it is ridiculous that someone would do anything people ask of her. However, that’s the fun part.

It sometimes can get a little boring that all dramas are supposed to make sense and be logical and characters are supposed to be upright and all that. So, throw me a drama which is different, and I’m open my arms wide. Of course, it has to be interesting enough for me to take a look at it.

Okay, so down to the main point. I really liked the first two episodes, and there was a nice amount of comedy in it too. It’s mysterious, and sweet. And weird.