POV DISCUSSION: MBC Drama Festival, The Murder.


MBC Drama Festival is like a series of short stories, each story running about an estimated time of 1 hour. Episode 9 was titled, The Murder and it stars Moon So-ri, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Se Yeong and Shin Dong Mi. Seo Kang Joon plays Yoon Ha, who marries Mi Soo (Lee Se Yeong), the daughter of Jeong Boon (Moon So Ri). In Boon (Shin Dong Mi) is Jeong Boon’s sister, who lost her mind after the war.

Can you imagine…that a guy you loved and married…is actually in love with your mother? 

That’s exactly what this story is about. Yoon Ha and Jeong Boon met years ago when they were both having a difficult time in their lives. Yoon Ha was a kid at that point of time, but he grew up feeling fond of Jeong Boon. When they met again coincidentally, feelings started to develop. However, things got a little twisted and Yoon Ha ended up marrying Mi Soo, so that he can stay close to Jeong Boon.

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