FIRST IMPRESSION: The Village Episode 1 – 4


Finally! Moon Geun Young back on my screen. It’s almost 3 years since I last saw her in a drama, which was Cheongdamdong Alice (I didn’t watch Goddess of Fire) and I’m excited!

So I’ve watched the first four episodes of The Village and I like it. Something about it doesn’t feel like a drama – it’s unique in its own way and I would say it’s kind of refreshing to have a change once in a while.

It feels like we’re being shown a story, rather than feeling like we’re part of the story. You know how when we watch dramas, we would sometimes get immersed in it and feel what the characters feel and go along with the story? Basically, when watching The Village, none of this feeling is present. I feel like I’m watching it as an outsider but it’s not exactly a bad thing.

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