POV DISCUSSION: Three Days Overall Review


Okay~ Three Days has ended~!!!

This is the second Park Yoochun drama that I watched till the very last episode (the first being Sungkyunkwan Scandal), and yes, I’m proud of it. AHAHAHA. I never managed to finish watching Miss Ripley, Rooftop Prince & I Miss You – basically because I gave up on the story plot mid-way.

Thank goodness, Three Days wasn’t such a big mess – it was manageable, thanks to the cute Han Tae Kyung & Yoon Bo Won. Okay – I know their romance is not the main plot of the drama, and neither did they have a lot of romance, they just had a lot of fighting and running away scenes together – but those things are what made the drama worked for me.

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POV DISCUSSION: Three Days Episode 12


It’s funny how Three Days work. For me, the first two episodes were boring, then it started to pick up, then along the way I got a little bored with the tracking down of the spies – and it seems like only in Episode 11 onwards, things are picking up again.

Okay – for me Episode 12 offered so much goodies on the love-line, and okay – I’m still trying to maintain my composure. It’s also much better that we’re so done with all those conspiracy. Everything is out in the open and the fight now is just between Chairman Kim and the rest.

We no longer have to think about whatever happened in the past, or the future, or what-so-ever. It’s out there, Chairman Kim is going to kill all of them – and that’s what we’re getting for the next few episodes 🙂

*NOT A RECAP – Just a short summary of certain scenes. 

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POV DISCUSSION: Three Days (First-Half Review)

Okay – so I finally started watching Three Days, despite wanting to watch it since it started airing. I’m up till Episode 11 at this point of writing, and I’m here to discuss about what I feel regarding the drama.

First of all – I wished that the drama told us exactly what we are getting, instead of the vague description which was to find the missing president and solve the mystery about his disappearance. I thought that the president will be missing for the whole 16 episodes, as they try to find him – but clearly that’s not the case.

The president returns in the early episodes, and basically, the drama is about solving a mystery about why the people around the president are dying, and what sort of conspiracy had occurred in the past, and currently in the present. Agent Han Tae Kyung works to discover the truth behind the conspiracy and to find out the reason behind his father’s death.

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