Tree With Deep Roots Ep 2 Recap

Ddol Bok cries as he hugs his father. The guards tries to take away Seok Sam’s body, but Ddol Bok prevents them from touching him. They began to beat up Ddol Bok, and the other slaves started beating up the guards. While fighting, the guards drops the keys and the slaves run away.

The other officers arrive and began to kill everyone who is trying to escape. Ddol Bok, Dan and her father managed to get near a wall. Dan’s father helps the kids up but ends up being pierced by a sword from the back. Ddol Bok goes back down and tells Dan to run away. Ddol Bok calls out to Dan’s father and he tells him to take care of Dan for him.

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Tree With Deep Roots Ep 1 Recap

Someone is lurking around the palace in the dark. It turns out to be Kang Chae Yun (Jang Kyuk). He jumps across the roofs and calculates the number of steps needed to reach the King. Morning came, and Kang Chae Yun is hiding amongst the many people. He fixes his gaze on the Emperor and runs out, attempting to kill him. He fights with the hundreds of guards along the way and finally reached to where the Emperor was. However, an arrow pierced through him. He crumbles to the floor as more arrows pierced though him. He thinks to himself that he have failed. Continue reading “Tree With Deep Roots Ep 1 Recap”