POV DISCUSSION: Twenty Years Old, 20’s (Mobile Drama)


Twenty Years Old (20’s) is a mobile drama starring BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang as himself & Lee Da In as Hye Rim. The drama is about Hye Rim’s romances in her 20’s.

The main plot of this drama itself, is her romance with idol star Lee Ki Kwang, who is a friend from middle school. It has a total of four episodes, each episode is about 15-20 minutes long.

I checked this drama out of curiosity, and I liked it. It was sweet, and despite the awkward acting itself, I enjoyed the drama. I don’t know how BEAST’s fans or Ki Kwang’s fans actually got through this drama. Hahahaha. This drama is good for a short treat, if you’re looking for something fun. Most kpop fangirls would love plots like this, right, no? So they can imagine themselves and their bias. Hahahaha.

I’m going to write up just a short summary with screencaps, spoilers ahead.

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