POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 9 & 10

Oh Hell Yeah 🙂

Camera hunt is finally over and it’s in Jang Tae San’s hands! Of course, we can’t be too happy yet because it’s only the 10th episode and things might change later on.

This drama is so perfect, that I want to bow and thank all the people behind it. HAHA!!! I love the characters so much and the story and the pace and everything. This week episode had two cameos, played by Kang Ha Neul and Teentop’s Niel, which I thought was so funny – in a good way.

Now that everybody knows everybody, there’s no more secrets. You know what makes this drama more awesome than it already is? That the villain sometimes make good logical sense. Moon Il Suk mentioned to Tae San previously that there are no such things as no choices, which is relatively true, and that he’s actually right. Some dramas make their villains like some dumbass with warped logic, which is ridiculous. It’s good to have clever villains, with proper logic. Not to mention, with a little bit of heart since he didn’t make use of an innocent kid.

Anyway, it’s interesting how things may play out in the later episodes. Now that Seung Woo is aware that Tae San is the donor, he will do his best to protect him. As for Moon Il Suk and Jo Seo Hee, we never know but, maybe they’ll fight amongst themselves and end up digging their own grave.

POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 7 & 8

Two Weeks continue being AWESOME and I just love every bit of it. It’s amazing how this drama is so well written and flow so flawlessly.

I’m glad that they are slowly showing the little bits and pieces of In Hye and Tae San’s past, and awww, he was such an innocent guy. Park Jae Kyung continues being an awesome prosecutor and I love her character very much. She wants to catch Tae San badly for various reasons, but she also wants to protect him if possible.

Im Seung Woo will slowly believe that Tae San is innocent, and maybe he’ll join Park Jae Kyung to protect Tae San and find the camera together? Of course, develop some feelings while you’re at it. HAHAHA. I mean if Park Jae Kyung and Tae San doesn’t have a love line, these two should at least get together, right? Okay, that’s not that important actually. It’s just treats for us viewers.

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POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 5 & 6

Two Weeks is just so awesome!

I can’t get enough words to describe how much I love the drama. I love the characters, and there’s really nothing which I can find fault with. Most probably I’ll stop doing POV for Two Weeks, because there’s really nothing much to comment on. It’s just awesome and I will just end up spazzing.

Everyone should just take some time and watch this drama 🙂

POV DISCUSSION: Two Weeks Ep 3 & 4

Alright, Two Weeks is being awesome 🙂

I love the depth of the characters, and how the drama manages to stay trilling, and have some light comedy in it. Jang Tae Sun continues to be on the run and he takes two hostages so that he was able to eat, sleep and shower. He even catches a chicken for an old granny so that he could eat. HAHA.

This week’s episode introduces to us a new killer, Prof. Kim, who is played by Song Jae Rim (Nail Shop Paris, Moon Embraces the Sun). He killed Go Man Suk and I don’t think he knew that he was the clue to the camera. I’m already attracted to his character because it looks like he will be the main obstacle to Jang Tae San’s escape. He’s always one step ahead of the police, to get Tae San.

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This show is my new found love. It is AWESOME.

The drama is both heart-warming and filled with tension, and I love the characters. So basically Lee Junki lives his life like “trash”, but he’s not really that bad. He went to jail twice, and was ‘forced’ to because Park Ha Sun (his then girlfriend) was sort of the ‘bait’. In Park Ha Sun’s memory of course is her boyfriend actually forced her to get an abortion and abandoned her.

She clearly still have feelings for him, and still hold grudges against him. And we also can tell that Lee Junki still loves her.

Anyway, the main thing right now is that he’s caught for murder – and his ‘friends’ all lied and framed him for it. He has a rough idea who is behind everything, but no one believes him, and he’s rushing for time to save his daughter who is having surgery in two weeks.

So he’s being chased by both police and the evil guys and he still have to keep himself safe from harm so that he will be able to undergo the surgery. if he fails to get the surgery, his daughter will die.


I love how fast the drama’s pace is and how it balances itself from being filled with suspense and tension and also heart-warming.

I can safely say that this drama will be my new No. 1.