POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 10 (Final)


That happy look on Wan Ha’s face. Can I punch someone? Hah. After the show ended, I felt like flipping tables and punching anyone who appears before me. Did they have to put him through this situation?

I know that Seung Hee is going to choose Jong Dae, we all know, but do you really have to make Seung Hee ditch Wan Ha at the wedding? Or was it an outfit trying? It’s most probably the wedding itself, right? I mean since they created the wedding invitation already, it doesn’t make sense to try outfits now. Whatever it is, she ditched Wan Ha at his happiest and made him went through so much hardship when she could have just ended it earlier.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployment Romance Episode 9


One episode left before the drama wraps up! I’m actually happy because it felt like a long ride, and 10 episodes felt like forever because honestly, the show has plenty of flaws. Still, I sticked around because I wanted to see Wan Ha. From this episode itself, I have concluded that Wan Ha should just forget about Seung Hee, and find a better woman. He deserves better. Hah.

I’m irritated that Seung Hee is dating Wan Ha, even though she doesn’t like him and gives him false hope only to betray him with her ex-boyfriend. I don’t care if their break-up was a misunderstanding on both of their part, what matters is the present! Right now, she is dating Wan Ha, and it’s just so wrong of her to treat Wan Ha this way. I say, Wan Ha deserves a better woman and he should just leave her. Hahaha!

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 8


Alright! I wonder what happened to the writer because Episode 8 is so good! It’s considered good because most of the episodes are…err…on the boring side? This episode had a lot of good moments, and I loved it so much πŸ™‚

I feel so bad for Wan Ha because Seung Hee still likes Jong Dae. Wan Ha is really the perfect man – and every part of me wants Seung Hee to be with him, but we all started this drama knowing that Seung Hee will end up with Jong Dae no matter what. Bummer.

Anyway, Yeon Woo is such a sweet nice girl, and her daddy is one funny guy. In this episode, Wan Ha finds out that Seung Hee is still in contact with Jong Dae, though not intentionally and vice versa – Jong Dae finds out that Seung Hee is dating Wan Ha.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 7


And we’re back in the story with Episode 7 πŸ™‚

I don’t like this episode so much. It wasn’t as boring as the previous one, but it still doesn’t show much 😦 I want to know how Wan Ha and Jong Dae become friends~! And…there wasn’t enough of Wan Ha 😦 However, the good thing is that Jong Dae sort of redeemed himself a little bit in this episode, and that makes him less of a whiny boy that I thought he was.

Both Jong Dae and Seung Hee are dating someone else – who they don’t love, or have any sort of romantic feels for. I thought Seung Hee should be more warm to Wan Ha, because from what I remembered, she kind of like him too. No? In this episode, it seems like she’s back to being awkward around him, which doesn’t go well with me.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 6

Alright people~ I won’t be doing a recap for Unemployed Romance Episode 6, because there’s really nothing much to say. Episode 6 was not exactly boring, okay maybe it was, it was filled with plenty of repeated scenes. I really don’t know why the drama does not show how does Jong Dae feels in the present. The only Jong Dae we see, is the Jong Dae in the past. Or, towards the last part of the episode, Jong Dae applying for the job – is the Jong Dae in the present.

The thing is – even THAT Jong Dae seems too wimpy for a guy, and I’m not liking it one bit. It’s cute that he loves her a lot, but it’s really not cool of him to be so suspicious of her (probably his ego, since she’s doing better than him?), and he doesn’t think of her position. He even asked his Mom if she had savings, just so he could study aboard! On a side note, like we all probably know, Sun Joo didn’t tell Jong Dae about Seung Hee.

Anyway, Drama needs to do a lot more, or else I would just stay in Wan Ha’s ship πŸ™‚

That being put aside, drama really needs to pick up speed. I appreciate the different formatting – but it would have been much more effective if the script was slightly better so that we would have more story compared to just repeated scenes and meaningless jokes.

POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Ep 5


Our couple go through Β a short break-up and made-up again, and continue being a couple for 8 years. Wow. That’s long.

Episode 5 of Unemployed Romance was a little bit slow, and I did find it a little boring. I can’t wait for the next few episodes because, it’s the moment all viewers are probably waiting for! Just one more episode of Jong Dae’s side and we would finally have the two in the same timeline πŸ™‚

And so, Jong Dae’s parents closed the Ribs Restaurant after it was suspended for falsely stating the origin of the meat, and they switched to a chicken place, and a smaller snack shop over the next 8 years. Jong Dae’s friends kept asking him to sleep with Seung Hee, and Jong Dae kept thinking about it every time he hangs out with Seung Hee. That’s a little turn off – HAHAHA. I know we’re all adults, but we always like our characters to be innocent. HAHAHA.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 4


Unemployed Romance Episode 4 brings us the ‘first episode’ from Jong Dae’s perspective, and Jong Dae is sure different from what I thought he would be. He’s not self-centred, or arrogant. Unlike what I thought, he’s actually sort of a dork – in a good way. Silly, nice, but a little on the pampered side, or maybe slightly immature.

However, based on the first three episodes, the current Jong Dae is definitely not the same Jong Dae from before. He’s more refined (?) or mature in a sense.

So this episode, is actually to bring us back to see what Jong Dae is actually like, and what actually causes him to change. It’s not just him changing, because even Seung Hee from the past is not like what she is in the present. In the present, she’s still naive, but she’s definitely does not come across as someone who is as quiet, and as gentle.

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 3


Another episode of Unemployed Romance πŸ™‚

The past is revealed, confessions are made, and a brand new start and relationship πŸ™‚

After ranting on how Episode 2 of UR was a disappointment, I’m glad that Episode 3 managed to pull me back in. There are good points of the drama, but there are also many flaws with it. For the first time, I glad that this drama is only airing one episode per week. Since they only air one episode per week, it gives me enough time to breathe and get over the disappointments before the next episode. It’s like if you watch too much of a ‘bad’ drama, you feel sick and want to quickly cut if off.

Unemployed Romance, isn’t exactly bad, it’s just that it’s a new concept and can be considered like a trial, thus it’s not perfect.

Anyway, we’re done with 3 episodes from Im Seung Hee’s perspective, and the next 3 episodes will have Kim Jong Dae as the main focus πŸ™‚

Now let’s talk about Episode 3

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POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode One


Cable drama, Unemployed Romance aired it’s first episode yesterday, and of course I had to talk about it. I was waiting for this for quite a while for a few reasons. Firstly, I like both Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min. The second leads doesn’t hurt too. Secondly, the plot sounds fun. A writer who is living on unemployed benefits and her ex-boyfriend meeting each other. Thirdly, it’s a cable drama and only 10 episodes long. So due to those reasons, I just had to watch it. Well, the main reason is I love the leads.

So this drama takes on a different concept from the usual drama we always watch. The first 3 episodes will be focusing on Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah’s perspective) and the next 3 episodes will be focusing on Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min’s perspective), and the last four episodes will be both of them together. Some might find it weird and not like it, but I’m okay with it.

Most probably, it means that for the first 3 episodes, we won’t be seeing Nam Goong Min at all, unless Lee Young Ah remembers him or something, like a flashback. And same thing goes for the next three episodes. However, the drama will be like any other dramas in the last four episodes. It’s an interesting concept, and it can work surely – only because this drama is aired on cable. It will never work on major channels – well, at least that’s my opinion.

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