Okay, I didn’t manage to talk much about this drama in my previous first impression post, and I thought it didn’t do the drama justice, so here I am with a separate post 🙂

I really like this drama a lot and it’s really nothing like what I thought it would be. The plot is about a woman who loves two men and her mentality about why is it wrong and can’t she love two men. It’s an affair – and it’s not really a theme I like, and it’s kind of a put-off, but the strange thing is that this drama works it. Amazingly.

The last drama about an affair which I watched was Secret Love Affair, and I drop it soon after because I just didn’t like it. This is just very different. It reminds me a little of One Warm Word, the way that it plays with your beliefs and very thought-intriguing.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Valid Love, Dr Frost, Sweden Laundry

Finally I had time to start on some new dramas which I’ve been keeping my eyes on 🙂 Managed to watch Valid Love, Dr Frost and Sweden Laundry today and I’ll just be doing a short impression post on the dramas and what I think about it.

No screencaps though.

First of all, I like all the three dramas so far. My favorite among these three is…… Valid Love 🙂 Followed by Sweden Laundry then Dr Frost.

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