K-MOVIE Review: Running Man


I love this film. Crazy car chase, action scenes and heart-warming too.

Running Man stars Shin Ha Kyun as a father, who runaways when he was accused of murder. His relationship with his son is estranged, and it was sweet to see father and son coming together after all the misunderstandings. Shin Ha Kyun works as a driver, and picks up a strange man who offers him a lot of money to drive him here and there. However, upon reaching a certain destination, Shin Ha Kyun realized that the man was stabbed and died.

After which, he went to the police station to tell them he didn’t kill the man, but things got complicated and he ended up being on the run. He also realize that someone else is chasing him besides the police. Trying to uncover what was the thing the mysterious man sent him on his phone before he died, he has to runaway from the police, the NIS, and two other men.

His son doesn’t believe his father at first, and let the police know of his whereabouts. It’s only after he digs up a little bit here and there, before he realized that his father was innocent. Shin Ha Kyun tries to get his son to stop digging around, and in the midst of all that keep running all over the place. I swear he’s an expert in escaping. Lol.

The film is not too serious. It was funny, and full of cool scenes. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s perfect if you want to watch something light.