[MOVIE REVIEW] A Werewolf Boy (“Wolf Boy”)




A Werewolf Boy starring Song Joong Ki & Park Bo Young premiered recently in Singapore and I managed to catch it yesterday.

I was expecting the movie to be really good, seeing the response in Korea, as well as my own expectations given the amount of interest the movie gathered before it aired.

However, the movie left me a little disappointed.

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young’s acting was no doubt flawless, but the story didn’t buy me over. Sadly.
The movie was a little too long and the storyline was pretty much average. I had to admit though that one scene left me tearing a little. However, besides that touching scene, the other scenes in the movie was mediocre.

It was sweet, cute, probably a little touching too, but the story plot just didn’t make the cut for me.


I’ll do a short recap on what the movie is about, so if you want spoilers, go ahead Continue reading “[MOVIE REVIEW] A Werewolf Boy (“Wolf Boy”)”