Ojakgyo Brothers Ep 15 Preview/Spoiler

Hello!!! How many of you have been waiting for this? I’ve been waiting since last week for some spoilers~~~ HAHAHA!!! Found a picture on the Ojakgyo Brothers Facebook page yesterday and KBS uploaded a teaser earlier as well!!!

Ojakgyo Brothers Drama Fans… here goes:


Video Preview for Ep 15:


YAY!!!! I’m excited like a little kid for Joo Won & UEE scenes!!! It’s also getting more interesting between Soo Young & Tae Bum because SY is from a rich family while Tae Bum can be considered ordinary. HAHAHA~~~

Ojakgyo Brothers (Thoughts & Impression)

(Ojakgyo Brothers, Sat-Sun)

So earlier, I did a quick rough summary on the past 14 episodes of weekend drama, Ojakgyo Brothers, starring UEE and Joo Won.

This post is just to rant my views, thoughts and impression on the drama itself.

So far, I find the drama very nice to watch. It’s interesting and I think it’s pretty good as a family-themed weekend drama.


I find most of the characters very likable and all interesting in their own way.

UEE has improved a lot in her acting and I think she totally won me over in this drama. Joo Won is also very charming in this drama. He didn’t really attarcted me in Baker King Kim Tak Goo. (note: I didn’t even realised he was the one in BK Kim Tak Goo until I saw his name on the cast list).

I like the character Baek Ja Eun, someone who is pampered since birth and spoilt, but also hides her true feelings at times. She isn’t exactly the spoilt brat who refuse to listen. She’s quite responsible actually.

The character Joo Won is also interesting. He doesn’t really mix around with people that much, and seems pretty much a nice guy to his parents and grandmother. He has a kind heart, but sometimes very harsh with his words and actions.

Overall, the characters are all very nice to watch, even the supporting characters. (I can totally talk about all of the characters all day, but i shall not to keep the post as short as possible. HAHA.)


Overall, I love this weekend drama and I barely can wait for each episode to air. Just like other fans who watch this drama, I really want more Joo Won & UEE scenes. Their scenes are really very limited and I guess it’s one of the ways to keep on people interested in watching. HAHAHA~~~




Ojakgyo Brothers EP 1-14 Summary

I’ve been watching weekend drama, Ojakgyo Brothers, starring UEE & Joo Won since episode 1 and I just thought of sharing my love for it.

This is not a proper recap and just a rough summary because I’m too lazy to do a detailed recap for 14 episodes. I might do a proper one for the coming episodes.


So basically, in the drama Baek Ja Eun (UEE) is a rich student who become poor overnight when her father went missing in China trying to seal a business deal. She was caught in a controversy of  bribing to enter university together with her father Baek In Ho, which Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) was trying to solve.

Baek In Ho owned a farm which his father has entrusted to Hwang Chang Shik 10 years ago. Baek Ja Eun goes to the farm to demand that they return the farm to her, but when Park Bo Ja (Hwang Chang Shik’s wife) hides away her title deed contract, Ja Eun was chased out of the farm.

Nowhere to go, she decides to listen to Tae Hee’s advice and stay close to Park Bo Ja, hoping to change her mind and heart to return the farm to her. She moves to the farm and lives in a tent right outside their house.

Hwang Tae Bum is a reporter and he is constantly fighting with his team leader, Cha Soo Young. Cha Soo Young has a one-sided crush on Tae Bum but no one is aware of this fact, besides her mother. During a team gathering, both got drunk and accidently slept together.

As a result, Cha Soo Young gets pregnant. She wants to keep the baby as a doctor has told her that pregnancy will be difficult for her. She tries to convince Tae Bum to marry her but he refuses. Both families caught hold of this fact.  Cha Soo Young decides to convince him one more time to marry her. Hwang Tae Bum finally relents and tells her to get married.

Other Information:

Hwang Tae Shik is the oldest son and he has yet to get married. He has an ex-girlfriend who is a Philippine, and is currently dating a patient’s female acquaintance.  Kim Mi Sook is his elementary school friend, who happens to be his neighbour and has a crush on him. Oh Ha Na is a daughter she take cares of.

Hwang Tae Phil is the youngest of the family and is always supporting the mother. He doesn’t like Tae Hee as Tae Hee is not their biological brother, but cousin. He is hot-tempered and is always fighting with Tae Hee.

Hwang Tae Hee is brought up as the third son of the Hwang family, but in actual fact, he is actually the son of Hwang Chang Shik’s brother who has passed away. His mother remarried and left the family. Thus, he was brought up as Hwang Chang Shik’s son.

The actual person who entered university due to bribery is not Baek Ja Eun, but Lee Seung Ri, Ja Eun’s rival in school and the person who has a crush on Tae Hee. She is also the daughter of Tae Hee’s superior.