Poseidon Ep 4 Highlights

I’ve made a final decision. I won’t be recapping Poseidon anymore because I think I might drop the drama sooner or later. I’ll just post the basic highlights of the episode or rather the main points only.

This episode was yet another catching-game episode.

So roughly, Kim Sun Woo doesn’t want to give up the case on Ah Dong Chool and he threatens to quit. Kwon Ryul says to do as he wish.

Sun Woo sent off Eun Chul at the airport who is going on a vacation.

Lee Soo Yoon tells him to check out a certain case, and he seemed not interested at first until he finds out it’s related to the case they’re currently doing. He perks up and continues working.

Kim Sun Woo receives a call and goes out with Lee Soo Yoon. They managed to save Ah Dong Chool from Duk Soo.

Kwon Ryul tries to find someone in a gambling den. That someone (not sure but nicknamed 7 star or something) meets up with Kwon Ryul and gives him a clue.

Lee Soo Yoon goes with another two police officers where Ah Dong Chool was found, to gather clues.

Kim Sun Woo, Kwon Ryul and the ‘Oh’ guy goes off to save  7star who is being chased by Duk Soo.

Inside the interrogation room, the head police officer (the one with glasses) is seen walking inside and staring at Ah Dong Chool.

Lee Sun Woo and Lee Soo Yoon opens a door (both at two different locations) and both are suprised.

The End.


This episode was boring, yet again. The investigation is actually quite boring to me, plot wise. They should have more character interactions.

There was a few cute scenes of Lee Soo Yoon & Kim Sun Woo which I really appreciated.

Just wondering if they’re going to keep at this same case for the rest of the drama. If that’s the case, I’m out.

Poseidon Ep 3 Recap/ Summary

Episode 3 starts off where they left off with the phone call saying hat Team Manager Kang Eun Chul (Yuhno) is missing from the hospital. The team goes off to the scene of the incident to investigate.

Inside the car, Oh Yong Gap revelaed Kim Sun Woo’s past. He was part of the SSAT and doing undercover. However, they disbanded the team but he worked on his own. As a result, the female policewoman who was working with him died suddenly, causing him to be demoted to his current position.

At the hospital, they try to find clues, but to no avail. The CCTV is also missing. The team discusses what might have happened and Kim Sun Woo mentions that it must have been Jung Duk Soo’s doing. Some of the members said that it’s impossible since he’s at prison. That’s when Kwon Jung Ryul reveals that Duk Soo had also disappeared about an hour ago. The team members are shocked.

The team moves off to where the ambulance with Duk Soo was abandoned. There, another team of police officers are already investigating. They do not welcome Jung Ryul and his team. Kim Sun Woo looks inside the ambulance for more clues and Lee Soo Yoon calls him over to talk to the policeman who was in the same vehicle about what actually happened. The policeman mentions about how he and another prison warden went to the cell to find the people injured. With his injuries, Duk Soo should have been sent to certain hospital but for whatever reason, there was instructions to sent him to another hospital. While driving, they realised that a black car has been following them and the car suddenly stops in front of them and they injured everyone.

SIDE NOTE: When Jung Duk Soo left the ambulance, we can see the ‘Serpent’ tattoo on his back.

Kim Sun Woo discusses with Jung Ryul that timewise, Duk Soo couldn’t have kidnapped Kang Eun Chul. Someone might have helped him to kidnapped Kang Eun Chul. The team discusses further about what could have happened. Lee Soo Yoon mentions that there must be a reason why they would want to kidnapped Kang Eun Chul.

Inside a locked room, we can see Kang Eun Chul sleeping unconscious.

Kim Sun Woo calls someone (a friend) and tells him about what has happened and to let him know if he finds any clues. Lee Soo Yoon tries to cheer him up but he reacts coldly to her joke which made the situation awkward. Lee Soo Yoon tells him to go back to the meeting room as everyone is waiting for him.

A parcel is being delivered to Kim Sun Woo during the meeting. He opens it up and finds a phone. He says that it’s Jung Duk Soo who sent it over as he received such stuff from him before in the same manner. Lee Soo Yoon says that it’s strange that they knew Kim Sun Woo is part of their team when he only joined for two days.

Jung Ryul and Yong Gap are discussing about a possible betrayer inside the work force. If it’s really true, it will be hard to find out who is it and that they are at a disadvantage.

Jung Duk Soo goes inside the room which Kang Eun Chul is in and snapped his picture. He sents it over to Kim Sun Woo’s phone (which was given by him) and tells him to meet him, together with Ahn Dong Chool. He tells Jung Ryul and asks him to find a way to let Ahn Dong Chool be a bait. Jung Ryul tells him not to be rash as he might make the same mistake twice. Kim Sun Woo is pissed off. Jung Ryul asks Oh Yong Gap to help them find a way to let Ahn Dong Chool go out of prison for a day.

Jung Ryul asks the SSAT team for help. They manage to get Ahn Dong Chool out of prison for a day thanks to Oh Yong Gap. They all head to the meeting place and hides themselves, leaving Kim Sun Woo and Ahn Dong Chool inside a car, waiting for Duk Soo.

The CCTV at the meeting place moves around and snaps pictures of all the hidden locations. Inside a police station which has the CCTV footage, a mysterious officer sent the photos to Jung Duk Soo.

Jung Duk Soo calls Kim Sun Woo and tells him that he’s not even near the place. Kim Sun Woo tells him to stop fooling around. Duk Soo turns it back on him and said that he’s the one fooling around. He tells Sun Woo to come alone but he came with the rest and is even wearing a mic. He asks Sun Woo if he should just kill Kang Eun Chul. Sun Woo doesn’t answer. The team members in hiding senses that something amiss.

Sun Woo takes off his mic and leaves it on the ground, together with his phone. He drives off in the car with Ahn Dong Chool, leaving the team chasing after him.

Jung Ryul calls the SSAT officer and tells him to start. It turns out that they planted a tracking device on Ahn Dong Chool.

Inside the locked room, Kim Eun Chul is sitting down. Jung Duk Soo comes in and talks to him. Eun Chul looks at him with tears in his eyes (not very visible, but yes, his eyes had tears). He tells him that he doesn’t have anything to do with the ‘chairman’ anymore. Duk Soo mentions that doesn’t he still own the chairman something. Eun Chul is pissed off. Duk Soo mentions that Kim Sun Woo is on his way there and why don’t he tells that (that he has nothing to do with the chairman) to Sun Woo.

SIDE NOTE: Did you guys get that? Kang Eun Chul was a BETRAYER!!!

Kim Sun Woo finally arrives at the place. Someone knocks him unconscious and Duk Soo comes face to face with Ahn Dong Chool.

FLASHBACK by Kang Eun Chul as he looks at Sun Woo who is unconscious:

He enters an office (where the chairman is) and asks why does it have to be her first? Why must he sacrifice the girl  first? He is angry, upset and has tears in his eyes. He tells the chairman that their relationship ends here. As he walks out, he bumps into the policewoman, who is surprised to see him there.

At a certain place, the policewoman is anxiously trying to call someone. Kang Eun Chul tells her to keep quiet and asks if Kim Sun Woo is the one who asked her to do the undercover. Someone walks over and stabs the policewoman. Eun Chul looks in horror but doesn’t do anything.

At the office where Sun Woo was given his punishment, the SSAT officer asked for Eun Chul’s opinion and he says that a person who does things without consideration is not needed in the team.

Kim Sun Woo wakes up and finds himself with Eun Chul. He realises that Ahn Dong Chool is gone and only the jacket (which has the tracking device) is left. The SSAT and the other team member arrives.

Oh Yong Gap goes to visit Lee Soo Yoon’s mother and eats at the restaurant.

Lee Soo Yoon is practicing boxing by herself when Kim Sun Woo came. He offers to help her and they fooled around. (CUTE!!!) They sat down and Lee Soo Yoon tries to cheer him up by saying that at least Kang Eun Chul is alive and that they could just catch Ahn Dong Chool again. She mentions that She’d heard about his past and Sun Woo mentions that one person dying because of him is more than enough. Lee Soo Yoon burps to get rid of the awkward situation. Sun Woo looks at her, shocked. She brushes it off and burps again. They laugh it off.

At the meeting, Jung Ryul tells the team that they’ll continue to do other cases and leave the Duk Soo case at the moment. They have to at least show everyone that and make them believe because everyone is looking at their actions.

After the meeting, Sun Woo tells Jung Ryul that he doesn’t want to do other cases and that he wants to continue to catch Ahn Dong Chool. Jung Ryul is pissed off and tells him to do as instructed. Kim Sun Woo tells him that if that’s the case, he’s quitting from the team.




This episode was slightly better than the previous two. Yuhno (Kang Eun Chul) being a betrayer was something I did not expect but I knew there was something more than just ex-friends.

I read somewhere that they think Yuhno is bad at acting and that he couldn’t stare at Si Won (Sun Woo) properly. However, when I watched that scene, I thought that he wasn’t trying to do a stare-off with Si Won but he was looking at him with some sort of mixed feelings. At that point of time, I didn’t know if they were right about his acting or I was right that there was more than just staring.

Turns out that I’m right. Though I had earlier suspected that maybe Yuhno had indirectly caused the policewoman death and that maybe Sun Woo found out and that they were also rivals in love thus Sun Woo held a grudge with Yuhno, that’s why Sun Woo is angry when he sees Yuhno and Yuhno has that ‘reaction’ when he sees Sun Woo.

I’M WRONG OBVIOUSLY, but there was certain points which was right like how Yuhno was involved in the officer’s death and that he might have liked her. Sun Woo doesn’t know anything about this, of course, he was just upset at Yuhno for coldly telling him that he’s not needed in the team after the incident.

I always thought that Yuhno was guilty for something thus his attitude towards Sun Woo despite Sun Woo giving him the cold treatement. I thought it was a misunderstanding mixed with love, but turns out that he was actually feeling bad as he was a betrayer plus he was also involved in the officer’s death.

One point to note… Yuhno is not that bad in acting after all, since I managed to deduce correctly looking at HIS ACTING, and that I was at least 60% right.

Plot wise, I think that it’s still boring. I’m not really curious about who’s the real evil guy inside the story, because most probably, it will be someone high up in the police force. That someone in the police force must also have a certain link to Yuhno (Kang Eun Chul). They might have some relationship with each other besides just being spy or betrayers.

It would be best if there is a twist somewhere in the middle because if everything is laid out nicely like this, there’s not really much of a story right?

Anyway, I shall just continue to watch until I get bored. HEHEHE 🙂

Poseidon Episode 2 Recap/Summary (short)

So I watched Poseidon episode 2 earlier and I’ll do a brief recap or rather summary on what the episode was about and then I’ll blog down my views about the 2nd episode and my decision whether to pick up the drama officially or not. 

Episode One ended at how Choi Si Won was in trouble after the “villain” at the jail revealed that CSW was doing some shady business. Well, let’s skip all of that and go straight what the episode was about. 

Basically, this episode is just full of people chasing people and people fighting people. First we have CSW looking for someone and in a hideout, he then got caught. His ‘friend’ Yuhno somehow had an idea about what CSW is doing and find the same person. 

Bad person than tried to kill CSW but Yuhno came in time to save him, but he got shot by a bullet by bad person. Police soon arrive and catch bad person. Yuhno survives in hospital. 

*Just that whole plot took about more than half of the whole episode!

One of my guess was right which is Yuhno & Choi Si Won are friends until the unpleasant incident. 

Besides that action, we have some other scenes like Lee Soo Young seaching CSW’s computer, and also how CSW ended up living in an empty spare room LSY mother has at the restaurant. 

Also, ending the episode was the bad person who was caught, injured everyone in his cell and also himself. He was driven to the hospital but probably escaped. Yuhno disappears from the hospital as well. 



The second episode was similar to the first episode. The plot development was slow and the action scenes are mediocre. Honestly, I really couldn’t get pass Yuhno’s action scenes…I hope they stop focusing on his face during action scenes. It seems like a music video, without the acting.

We have the team finally assembling, and the relationships all ‘written’ out already so what’s left is just for them to catch the bad guys, i guess. I’m totally not yet into the chase-the-villains drama yet because it seems so sudden and I’m not sure how long they’ll keep playing the mouse and cat game. I just hope they won’t do what ‘Sign’ did which was to put off the main crime till the last few episodes.

I’m sure they’ll wrap up the crimes and a new crime will come out right? Because I’m bored already….

Will I continue watching this?

Hmmmmmm….maybe, if the subs come out a little faster. I watched both episodes without the subs so far, so it’s a little hard to get what they’re saying exactly, but I get the gist of it. If the subs come out faster, I might continue watching it until I can no longer support the drama. HAHA~~~

Poseidon Episode 1 FIRST IMPRESSION

(Poseidon, Mon-Tue)

I was hesitating for quite a while whether or not to pick up the new Mon-Tue drama, Poseidon. I was never really looking forward to it, either with the previous stated casts or the current casts. I was just hesitating because I wanted to see Lee Soo Young in her role but I wasn’t very keen on the others or the storyline.

So I decided to give it a try. I usually give dramas a 2-episode trial before I official decide to watch or to ditch. Of course there are times when I ditch a drama halfway when it really starts to get ridiculous like My Princess or You’ve Fallen for Me.

So let’s get back on topic. So I decided to watch the first episode and overall conclusion is its average. There’s nothing to brag about and honestly, half of the time I’m watching, I’m bored.


So basically, we have Kwon Jung Ryul who is determined to catch this ‘Serpent’ syndicate. One look and we can tell he is the lets-break-rules-if-we-have-to-in-order-to-catch-that-villain kind of police.

We also have Kim Sun Woo (Choi Si Won) who is a coast guard or police officer (whatever you call it, both seems the same to me). From what I see, it seems that he was previously working with Jung Ryul but most probably got demoted or he changed line or whatever after the incident.

We also have Kang Eun Chul (Yuhno) who is a SSAT officer and someone who has some history with Sun Woo. It looks like they’re not on good terms, but Sun Woo seems to hold some kind of anger towards Eun Chul. Eun Chul doesn’t seem to have the same feeling. I’m guessing that they were probably friends before the big incident happen.

Lastly, both the syndicate and the victims have the ‘serpent’ tattoo on them. I’m not very sure if they really put the tattoo on the victims or the victims originally had them (meaning their actually part of the syndicate. It sounds stupid right? But who knows?)

I’m not sure if I’m right or not, but those are just my guesses. 
What I liked about the episode? Hmmmm… nothing, actually.

What I thought was bad? Acting wise, Yuhno is a little weak and I thought all those actions scenes was really uncalled for, or rather lame?

CONCLUSION: I’ll still watch episode 2 and I’ll see if I’ll continue watching it.