Below is a list of my all-time favorite dramas, which I probably watched it more than once and have no problems watching it over and over again. I will constantly update it when I find a new love 🙂 How is one ever enough, when there are so many good, solid dramas out there 🙂


(historical/saguek/fusion/fantasy) Hwang Jin Yi, The Princess’ Man, Painter of The Wind, Tamra The Island, Iljimae, Capital Scandal, Six Flying Dragons

(family dramas/50 episodes-series/Sitcom) Ojakgyo Brothers, Golden Bride, New Tales of A Gisaeng, Creating Destiny, Loving You A Thousand Times, Potato Star 2013QR3

(all others) Full House, My Lovely Sam-Soon, 3 Dads 1 Mom, On Air, Time Between Dog & Wolf, Pasta, Beethoven Virus, Can We Get Married, One Warm Word, Kill Me Heal Me, Vampire Prosecutor, Marriage Not Dating, Oh My Ghost, Reply 1997, Let’s Eat Season 1, Heartless City, White Christmas, Once Upon A Time In Saeng Cho Ri, Age of Youth, Memory, Dear My Friends, The Good Wife


(historical/wuxia) Bu Bu Jing Xin, The Proud Twins (2005), The Little Fairy, Legend of Condor Heroes (2003), Return of The Condor Heroes (2006), Generals of The Yang Family. (and probably many more which I can no longer remember the names as I watched so many of them at one point of my life. However these are the notable ones as I remember them quite vividly and watched more than once.)


Gokusen (all seasons), Nobuta Wo Produce, Atashinchi no Danshi, Code Blue, Dragon Zakura, Buzzer Beat, Attention Please, Iryu / Team Medical Dragon, Absolute Boyfriend, Hotaru no Hikari