** OTOME **

It’s been a few months since I got addicted to Otome games. In case you don’t know what it means – basically it’s a visual novel game targeted mostly to the female market. It’s sort of a ‘dating’ game.

How desperate am I to play such games? Well, if that’s what you think, it’s wrong! It’s not a game where only female plays – or a game we play to escape reality. Well, at least not for me…

I actually find the games interesting and some of them have really good stories! It feels like I’m reading a story, or watching a drama.

Firstly, to clarify, I only play otome games available on android (for my own convenience) – and of course those which are released in English.

Personally, I feel cybird and okko games has better stories and characters compared to the rest. Voltage has decent stories as well – but it depends on the game and they have a lot of games. Arithmetic games are alright, some are good while some are bad – but the biggest problem with Arithmetic games is that their translations are a mess.

Types of otome games: Either its Free or it’s Payable.

Free-to-Play (FTP) are games which are generally free. You get 5 story tickets a day, go through ‘lessons’ using stamina, buy avatar items using in-game currency. You don’t have to spend real money. You just need to have patience.

It’s best if you read up a guide or tips before starting a game so that you don’t have to end up wasting your free daily tickets. Some games give you plenty of tickets at the start, but if you start using all of them at once, you’ll find yourself stuck halfway through. Basically FTP games need 3 things to progress: Tickets, Stamina-lessons, Currency.

Tickets are for you to read the story. Stamina-lessons is different for every game. Every game will have mission checkpoints. Some call them grace points, some elegance points, some call it cooking lessons, etc. Basically for every 5 hours, your stamina (health) is refilled, and you use it to attend the game’s “lessons” to gain points to pass story missions. Those lessons gives you the points required for you to proceed with the game smoothly later on. They also give you the in-game currency.

Do take note that the games also have premium items which are only available with real currency.

Paid games comes in different forms. Some charge per chapter, some charge per route, some charge as a whole and you get everyone’s route. It depends on the game itself. Basically, no lessons and no in game currency, no missions.

Paid games sounds great right? Fuss free! BUT!!! I honestly feel FTP games have better stories. Some FTP games have really solid and decent stories. You don’t have to pay a cent and you could enjoy it 🙂

Of course there are good premium paid games but it does not come cheap. Now, don’t start complaining about having to pay. These games are not created from magic. People work on it.

There is another kind which is entirely free. No need to go on lessons, no mission checkpoints. But the usually 5 “tickets” a day still remains the same.


Oh – sorry let me just explain a little how the game goes.

Basically, the main character (MC) is a female (You, the player), and usually there would be a certain plot or set up which will end up with you choosing from a number of hot, eligible guys.

Different games have different set ups such as contract marriages, lords you serve, etc.

In short, you will get to choose a character you want to romance and go through the route. Most games have more than one ending. While majority have happy endings, some games have both bad and good endings.

While playing the route, you would have to make choices, which will increase your chemistry or affection with the character you choose. Your ending depends on your choices. Walkthroughs are available on the net, for those who want a good ending without cracking their brains. (*walkthrough is a cheat list where it has all the correct answers)