POV DISCUSSION: Doctors Ep 3 & 4

vlcsnap-2016-06-29-14h56m22s505I was initially wondering if I should keep watching this and decided to give it another shot by watching the 3rd and 4th episode.

I still have issues with the story but it’s not that bad after all. I would say the 3rd & 4th episodes are much better compared to the first two – and I did enjoyed certain scenes.

I guess I’ll be sticking around because despite certain things which doesn’t sit well with me, there are quite a number of good things about it which I wouldn’t want to miss.

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FIRST IMPRESSION: Doctors Ep 1 & 2

vlcsnap-2016-06-22-20h38m29s983New dramas! I started Doctors without much expectation but sadly the drama still doesn’t feel like the right fit for me at the moment.

I do like the casts – especially Kim Rae Won but the first two episodes didn’t manage to pull me in. In fact, I was actually bored watching midway the first episode.

It’s not as bad as it may sound – it’s decent enough, but too cliche of a story. It probably needs more engaging plot down the road to at least be memorable.

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