Halftime Report: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 14


We’re so near the end! There’s 6 more episodes to go, and I know it’s technically over half-the episode run right now for this post to be called Halftime Report, but looking at how the big reveal and mystery is finally out in the open, there wouldn’t have been a better timing to call it a halftime report.

I teared up a little at the end of Episode 14, not because it was sad. I mean it was sad, but I teared up because all those emotions built up after 14 episodes, and how the big reveal was delivered, it was just beyond perfect. There couldn’t have been any other better way for the big mystery to be revealed.

There isn’t a lot of screencaps for this post, and it’s not a recap – but there would be plenty of discussions.

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POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Ep 14


Contray to my first impression of Golden Cross, I actually like the drama. There’s certainly a few things which I find bothering, but despite those, I would say I’m currently enjoying it.

In Episode 14, we see that the press conference didn’t go on as planned and that Congressman died. Can we just talk about how gross it is to die in an elevator? But that just shows Michael’s bad-ass level. Hah. It’s a totally different level from amateur Seo Dong Ha. We also get to see that Seo Yi Re is being watched, and the reporter goes missing.

If you’re asking me, rationally, this dramas has plenty of flaws. However, I find it watchable, and I like it enough to look past the flaws. We have roughly about 6 more episodes to go, and then I can welcome Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi for The Joseon Shooter. YESH!

No recaps for this – but I’m just going to do sort of a discussion, or you can call it my review.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 14


*screams* Okay, that was my reaction when Episode 14 ended. This episode slowed down a little, which is a good thing, because the last two episodes were packed with a lot of goodies. Of course, this episode doesn’t lose out at all – because the goodies they offered was sufficient and satisfying.

No recap for this episode – because I thought the episode was straight-forward enough. I’ll do a discussion and just a simple sort-of-summary kind of thing.

Oh – and I didn’t screencap any food in this episode. Well, basically, because the food wasn’t the highlight in this episode. Hah.

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POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 14


Awww 😦 Chilbong~~

I’m not sure if this episode give us any clues on Na Jeong’s husband, but it’s a heartbreaking episode for Chilbong shippers, but definitely a good one for Trash shippers. I’m still on Chilbong’s boat. Hahaha. Trash and Na Jeong are really cute together, and I do like their moments together, but I really want Chilbong to be happy too 😦

Chilbong is going away for a long time, Trash and Na Jeong starts dating for real and Haitai experiences life in the military. It’s full of sweet moments in this episode 🙂

Not going to do a full recap, but a rough one which covers the main point of our loveline 🙂

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