POV DISCUSSION: Pied Piper Episode 3

vlcsnap-2016-03-23-16h21m49s146I know this is pretty quick, considering I just posted the first impression hours ago, but yup, I’m back with a short discussion for episode 3.

No recaps for this – just a super short discussion.

So from where we left off in episode 2, the reporter is not the mysterious man, but it is in fact a policeman. I wished the reveal would come a little later and it wouldn’t have hurt if we were kept in the dark a little longer about the identity of the mysterious man.

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POV DISCUSSION: Descendants of The Sun Episode 3 & 4


And what a long wait for Episode 3 & 4~! And we have to wait yet another week for the next 2 episodes 😥

Okay, I liked these two episodes 🙂 Glad that we had a little bit more of Dae Young and Myeong Joo – though I really wished we still have more. That’s okay, we still have episodes to go.

Anyway, back with a short discussion on the recent episodes~

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[webdrama] EXO NEXT DOOR Episode 3 & 4


Okay – I was kind of 50-50 about recapping this but decided to do it anyway. No promises about future episodes!

After watching 4 episodes, I’m kind of doubtful of the story line and if it would still be interesting to watch. Acting wise, it’s hard to judge because there aren’t enough screentime for everyone – and probably I will only be able to judge after a few more episodes.

I’m not sure if there are even any non-fans who watch this – because I think only fans are watching it at the moment? Maybe non-fans could watch this after it finishes airing, after a proper review if it is worth the time watching.

I’m just going to do a short recap/summary.

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POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 3


Blood premiered with lots of harsh criticism, and personally I do agree with some of the criticism after watching the first two episodes, but I don’t find the drama as bad as what most people claim.

The main weakness of the drama is the acting by both the main leads, and though some fans have come into the actors defenses, honestly, after watching the third episode, I agree that the acting is not up to expectations, and we could consider it a miscast for the drama.

However, if people were to give me a choice of either watching a bad drama with solid acting or good drama with mediocre acting, I would definitely choose the good drama with mediocre acting. To me, drama plot and storyline is much more important than acting skills. Of course, I’m not saying that Blood is a good drama, neither is it bad.

For now, I think it’s pretty alright and it may be interesting – or it may not. The fact that I’m still watching it means that not all hope is lost. As per usual, just a discussion – not a recap.

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POV DISCUSSION: Kill Me Heal Me Episode 3



Alright, sorry for being overly excited. I don’t usually get excited over actors who get cast in another drama together, but I really love Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. There’s just a certain chemistry between them which makes it so enjoyable to see them on-screen, and I’ll never get sick seeing them together.

Anyway, it was yet another enjoyable episode and finally Cha Do Hyun and Ri Jin introduce themselves, and in the most awesome way possible.

Not doing recaps for this. I’ll just post some screencaps, and do discussions a bit here and there.

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POV DISCUSSION: Plus Nine Boys Episode 3


Plus Nine Boys continues to grow on me, and Episode 3 is so full of cute from Jin Goo & Se Young’s side. Anyway, be glad people, dramabeans is actually recapping the drama~ yeah 🙂

As to why I love the drama so much, I think most probably I like the approach the drama takes. It has four male characters, in different situations – facing issues in their lives, and it’s nice to see how each of them deals with it, and get over this troubled times. There’s also an extra bonus because it makes us curious as to who is the one who will end up with their loved one.

I’m still not sure – if the fortune teller, really meant only one good relationship for that season, because I really want both Jin Goo and Kwang Soo to end up with the woman they love.

Anyway, for this episode, Jin Goo and Se Young gets coupled up to test out a tour package meant for couples, and Kwang Soo after failed attempts at meeting his ex-lovers, unexpectedly find out that one of his other ex, is living above their apartment.

I wonder when will Jin Goo confess to Jae Bum that he has been holding a crush on Se Young all these while, and the preview shows a possible kiss scene of Jin Goo and Se Young. AND YES IT’S TONIGHT 🙂 🙂 🙂

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POV DISCUSSION: Bride of the Century Episode 3 & 4


OMG. I’ll falling hard for this show!

How can it be so interesting and fun when really, and honestly, it’s uses all the k-drama concepts? Doo Rim falling in the bathroom, and Kang Joo helping her put clothes on? We’ve seen that scene in previous k-dramas. And almost everything else is something we’ve seen – but I swear it’s not boring at all even with the same scene.

Anyway, we know one truth – Yi Kyung didn’t disappear, she and her mother are plotting to make use of Doo Rim as they believe the curse that the first wife will die.

Kang Joo is slowly falling for Doo Rim, and I believe Yi Hyun Oppa is falling for her too. Drama also revealed that Yi Hyun and Yi Kyung are half-siblings, which make sense given that Yi Hyun is so protective of Yi Kyung.

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POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 3


Episode 3 of Let’s Eat continues to be awesome, and we also get to see the different sides of the characters, which was a very pleasant surprise.

Even though I feel frustrated having to wait one week before each episode, I think it’s actually not so bad after all. The drama has a lot of those mini ‘food commercials’ and it’s wacky and funny – but if it’s a drama which airs 2 episodes each week, we might actually get sick of the humour. Thus, I think it’s not so bad having only one episode per week. It continues to build our interest and we won’t get sick of the humour so quickly.

In fact, the drama proves in this episode, that’s it’s really not all fun and wacky – because those characters have strong feelings which they hide within them, and we’ll slowly uncover it one by one.

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POV DISCUSSION: Answer Me 1994 Episode 3

Okay. I’m really trying hard to love this show, but I just can’t. Episode 2 was really starting to get better, and now that I’ve watched Episode 3, it feels like I’m back to the same feeling as I watched Episode 1.

The show moves at a super slow speed. The pacing of the plot developments is so slow, I feel like pulling all my hairs out while watching. Let’s get this sorted out. Isn’t this a drama supposed to be about a bunch of people getting used to Seoul and also revolving around the basketball obsession and Seo Taiji & The Kids?

Episode 3 felt like it was introducing the characters all over again. We get a little insight on Chil Bong Yi’s background, and he seems like a sweet guy. Na Jeong and Trash had a cute little moment together, bits and pieces, here and there. And…that’s it. 90% of the whole Episode was just pointless humour. Basically, in one word – REDUNDANT. It does nothing to the plot development and is just trying to make us laugh or smile, or whatever – because none of it got to me. I didn’t find it funny, and I was honestly, irritated.

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